Cloud-Based IoT System Control Problems

Cloud-Based IoT System Control Problems

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Cloud computing and IoT are two very different technologies that are both already part of our life. Their adoption and use are expected to be more and more pervasive, making them important components of the Future Internet. A novel paradigm where Cloud and IoT are merged together is foreseen as disruptive and as an enabler of a large number of application scenarios. In this chapter, we focus our attention on the integration of Cloud and IoT. Reviewing the rich and articulate state of the art in this field, some issues are selected; Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN), Mobile Cloud IoT (MCIoT), Social Cloud (SC) and Fog Radio Access Network (F-RAN). C-RAN provides infrastructure layer services to mobile users by managing virtualized infrastructure resources. SC is a service or resource sharing framework on top of social networks, and built on the trust-based social relationships. In recent years, the idea of SC has been gaining importance because of its potential applicability. With an explosive growth of Mobile Cloud (MC) and IoT technologies, the MCIoT concept has become a new trend for the future Internet. MCIoT paradigm extends the existing facility of computing process to different mobile applications executing in mobile and portable devices. As a promising paradigm for the 5G wireless communication system, a new evolution of the cloud radio access network has been proposed, named as F-RANs. It is an advanced socially-aware mobile networking architecture to provide a high spectral and energy efficiency while alleviating backhaul burden. With the ubiquitous nature of social networks and cloud computing, IoT technologies exploit these developing new paradigms.
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News-Vendor Game Based Resource Allocation (Ngra) Scheme

C-RAN has been emerging as a cost-effective solution supporting huge volumes of mobile traffic in the big data era. To exploit next generation C-RAN operations, a main challenging issue is how to properly control system resources. Recently, S. Kim proposed the News-vendor Game based Resource Allocation (NGRA) scheme, which is a novel resource management algorithm for C-RAN systems. By employing the news-vendor game model, the NGRA scheme investigates a resource allocation problem with bargaining solutions. In dynamic C-RAN environments, this game-based resource management approach can practically adapt current system conditions while maximizing the expected payoff.

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