Cloud Computing and Innovations

Cloud Computing and Innovations

Manoj Himmatrao Devare (Amity University Mumbai, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8295-3.ch001
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Cloud computing ignited many innovations and disruptions in the traditional way of doing business. The innovations in cloud computing are countable, and innovations due to cloud computing are endless, as there are several applications where cloud computing has proven its usefulness. The discussion starts with innovation records by software companies that happened due to cloud computing. This chapter illuminates an amalgamation of advanced concepts, products, and services in cloud computing. The chapter further discusses the conceptual innovations of API management, serverless computing, content delivery network, storage services, data center technologies, all-flash arrays, and digital twin due to cloud computing.
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The innovation, in general, can be defined as a novel, non-obvious new idea, device or method, that can be converted as an application for the better solution that meets new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. The growth in the products, processes, services, technologies or business models effects the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nation. Innovation is the successful conversion of new ideas, into products or services. Generally, innovation is protected by filing a patent in each country and territory of the interest. The innovation provides the new market to the company, beyond the borders all over the world, and offers new employment opportunities. Innovations are important because it creates a new cherished life to the citizen and increases the revenue of the companies. Sometimes, innovation triggers the partnership among the companies in the cosmopolitan areas. The innovation should not be frivolous and contrary to the well-established natural laws.

Product innovation consist of changes in the product attributes so that consumers notice it. A Car with Automatic transmission is an example of product innovation. Process innovation consists of changes regarding the product or the production process. It produces benefits in the production process, generally increasing productivity and reducing costs. For example, an automobile manufactured by robots compared to manual intervention by human workers. Innovation in the business model makes the changes in the way of offering the product or service to the market, without any change in the product. However, the method of providing products to the consumer is innovative. The consumer rents a car, or ask for the home delivery of the food, and many more changing the business process.

Every business needs to innovate the business processes such as to communicate with the Customer, collaborate for sharing knowledge, and collaborate for development in a team. Consequently, it leads to innovation in the business through the use of Cloud platforms, which provides elasticity, flexibility, cost reduction, optimal resource utilization. This chapter discusses the innovations in Cloud Computing technology in the current decade and that perhaps promote the innovations in the next decade that will have the basis of the Cloud. The innovations in Information Technology (IT) and inter-mingled technologies such as mobile devices, sensor-based devices, industrial automation, and other sectors are a rising source of innovations. Disruptors are innovators produces something new which is more efficient and more adorable to the consumer.

Innovation Impacts can be incremental, continuous improvements that represent small improvements in benefits noticed by the consumer. The innovation impact can be radical, i.e., a drastic change in the way that the product or service consumption. Generally, it brings a new paradigm to the market segment that modifies the existing business model. The emergence of the Compact Disk over the magnetic tapes and USB storage is the best example. The Android Operating System (OS) for mobile devices made the shift of the mobile users for accessing the data at the figure tips, moving away from Personal Computers, and the existing mobile OS.

The innovation factor positively affected due to Cloud Computing considered as digital disruption. At the beginning of the year 2017, as per the record of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (WIP, 2019), the patent filing companies observed are as shown in figure 1. The innovations done by the leading Cloud vendors as well as the small innovators may produce disruptive changes.

Figure 1.

The WIPO patent filing data at the beginning of the year 2017


As shown in figure 2, the observations from top 5 patents offices the highest application growth rates the patent filing overall in China. There is total Industrial Design (872800), China (569059), Europe (98162), Korea (72458), Germany (56499), and Turkey (45852).

Figure 2.

Top 5 patent office data for patent applications


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