Cloud Security in E-Commerce Applications

Cloud Security in E-Commerce Applications

Shah Rukh Malik (Government College University, Pakistan), Mujahid Rafiq (The Superior University (Defence Road Campus), Lahore, Pakistan) and Muhammad Ahmad Kahloon (The Superior College (University Campus), Lahore, Pakistan)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1294-4.ch003
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In this chapter, the authors focus on the most fundamental barrier in the e-commerce application's adoption: security. The most significant or important aspect to explore in cloud computing is how to keep the data secure in the most efficient way with cutting-edge technologies. Cloud computing has taken its place by providing its convenient services like on-demand service, pay-per-use, rapid elasticity, resource pooling, and other lucrative facilities. In this chapter, the authors will firstly describe the introduction related to cloud computing, major characteristics, types, and a few security concerns and issues in cloud computing. Furthermore, they discuss the introduction of e-commerce applications, how it is interlinked with cloud computing, and what the possible threats are. Moreover, what the possible solutions could be are discussed, so that we can secure data on both user side as well as on the server side. The authors suggest some existing solutions at the end of the chapter.
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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing model enables the network to access shared resources that can be provided on-demand and user can access it anywhere. This shared pool of resources is used by cloud service. Users can use this by signing an SLA with a CSP (Dikaiakos, Katsaros, Mehra, Pallis, & Vakali, 2009). Detailed characteristics and techniques are given below.

  • a.

    Cloud computing characteristics

Cloud have different characteristics related to their usage, In this section, we will summarize the most common characteristics defined by some famous researchers (Mell & Grance, 2011)

  • i.


As we know that the world’s most famous giants in cloud services are Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and others, Millions of servers are located all around the world by the CSP’s. They can easily add or remove nodes and servers with little modification to cloud server and infrastructure due to the scalable property of cloud.

  • ii.

    Virtualization and Broad Network Access

The client can access all the services by using any medium like mobiles, laptops, tablets, and workstations. Cloud has a built-in capacity to handle and virtualize all the physical resources used by the client

  • iii.

    Self-Service On-demand

A user or consumer can easily demand any service related to cloud i-e provisioning of computing resources like storage, server time, etc. without any human intervention. You just have to sign a contract of services by any of CSP’s and simply you have to pay charges mentioned in your contract to use all existing services.

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