Coastline Hospitality Industry Performance, Challenges, and Opportunities: Evidence From Durres Coastline

Coastline Hospitality Industry Performance, Challenges, and Opportunities: Evidence From Durres Coastline

Vjosa Ferizi (Turgut Ozal Education sh.a., Albania) and Alba Demneri Kruja (Epoka University, Albania)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5772-2.ch002


The hospitality industry is considered as one of the most fascinating industries. The main setting that narrows straight to success is knowing every path it leads to. Aiming to be successful in the market and to stay over other competitors, the owners and the managers of the hotels focus on identifying, creating, or developing competitive advantages. This chapter aims to identify the internal success factors that affect in the enhancement of the performance in the hotelier business. The research is conducted in the coastline of Durres, which is one of the largest cities on the Adriatic Sea. Key internal success factors that are considered with direct impact on the performance were analyzed through the surveys distributed to the owners and managers of the businesses. The findings of this study suggest best practices for the enhancement and sustainability of the highest performance in the hospitality industry.
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The Albanian coastline has a total length of about 380 km (excluding the internal shore of coastal lagoons), with about 284 km stretching along the Adriatic Sea and the remaining 96 km facing Ionian Sea (Simeoni, Pano, & Ciavola, 1997). As reported by World Bank (2009), the Adriatic coastline is coined by the travel and tourism industry as “the new Mediterranean frontier”. The coastline (about 70% sandy beaches) is almost free from artificial structures, that are present only near the ports of Shengjini, Durres, Vlore and Saranda (Simeoni, Pano, & Ciavola, 1997).

Nowadays tourism is viewed as one of the largest and dynamically developing sectors of external economic activities in the world (Kruja, 2012). With the highly speeded globalization process and the people frequently traveling abroad to different countries, the hotelier industry confronts a lot of challenges in the accommodating the various cultural influences. The hotel industry is a highly competing sector in which the customers take a great importance on the reliability and prompt service delivery. The concept of all those businesses is to give quality high class services to customers in a way to do well and accomplish their mission.

Mainly focusing on the hospitality industry and on development of tourism Albania, has simple history and has a more lately development in comparison to many other neighborhood and European countries.

Performance of the business is related to the increase of the profits and customer service delivery and it draws attention to the innovation of the long-term key success (Mullins, 2007). Studies show that firms can enlarge their profit by nearly 100% by maintaining 5% more of their customers that their competitors as the charge of getting new customers is a lot more than charge associated with the actual customers (Evans, 1996). Business enterprises with a longer time customer can outperform competitors with higher customer’s rate.

The possibility of identifying and suggesting variables that will contribute to the economic success of the hospitality enterprises will be very attractive to hoteliers, especially nowadays that the hospitality industry together with the economy of Albania are facing somehow a financial blizzard.

Secondly the aim of this study is to expand the investigation that is related with the main factors impacting the overall performance of hospitality industries on Albanian Coastline.

Rated as the third intention on this study is the result that will and can be used by managers of hospitality industry, specifically those extending along Coastlines. Taking into consideration the importance of hospitality industry such as hoteliers, to the economic development of a country, this research done is determinative in putting managers of this sector through finding a solution for the hospitality business fortitude.

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