Codifying Civility on Campus for Employees and Students: An International Perspective

Codifying Civility on Campus for Employees and Students: An International Perspective

Leah P. Hollis (Morgan State University, USA)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5861-3.ch012
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School-level bullying and workplace bullying are globally recognized as threats to organizational productivity, emotional safety, psychological wellness, and overall morale. Consequently, some countries have instituted legislation to prohibit bullying at various levels in society. This essay will proceed from two vantage points. First, workplace bullying will be addressed, considering the cost to organizations and individuals. Second, school bullying will be addressed with an examination of the bully as a threat to the school's reputation and individual student welfare. Further, cyberbullying affects both children and adults. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to consider policy development for international leaders who are managing both students and professional educators.
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Background On Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying research has gained more attention since the 1990s. Starting with attention from European researchers, workplace bullying has international attention as a behavior that hurts both organizations and employees. Researchers vary on exactly what is considered workplace bullying, however the following definition is commonly accepted:

Harassing, offending, socially excluding someone or negatively affecting someone’s work tasks. This behavior occurs repeatedly and regularly over a period of about six months. With the escalating process, the person confronted ends up in an inferior position and becomes the target of systematic negative social acts. (Einarsen et al., 2011, p. 22)

In working with targets of workplace bullying, I recognize that many will state they do not need six months of bad behavior to determine they are facing a bullying. However, it should be noted that workplace bullying is beyond a simple rude comment or a single bad day. Workplace bullying is a series of aggressive and harassing behaviors focused on a target over a period of time.

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