The Cognitive Informatics Theory and Mathematical Models of Visual Information Processing in the Brain

The Cognitive Informatics Theory and Mathematical Models of Visual Information Processing in the Brain

Yingxu Wang (University of Calgary, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-553-7.ch012
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It is recognized that the internal mechanisms for visual information processing are based on semantic inferences where visual information is represented and processed as visual semantic objects rather than direct images or episode pictures in the long-term memory. This article presents a cognitive informatics theory of visual information and knowledge processing in the brain. A set of cognitive principles of visual perception is reviewed particularly the classic gestalt principles, the cognitive informatics principles, and the hypercolumn theory. A visual frame theory is developed to explain the visual information processing mechanisms of human vision, where the size of a unit visual frame is tested and calibrated based on vision experiments. The framework of human visual information processing is established in order to elaborate mechanisms of visual information processing and the compatibility of internal representations between visual and abstract information and knowledge in the brain.
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Cognitive Foundations Of Visual Information Processing

The mechanisms of visual information representation, processing, recognition, and comprehension, as well as their relationships to those of abstract information processing, are a set of fundamental questions in explaining the nature of human vision. This section presents the classic gestalt (holistic) principles and the cognitive informatics principles of visual information processing. Hubel and Wiesel’s hypercolumn theory for visual information processing in the visual cortex is introduced, which reveals the important mechanism of internal image information representation, interpretation, and processing.

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