Communicating Emotions through the Internet

Communicating Emotions through the Internet

Bonke Adepeju Omoteso (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-204-4.ch003
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The role of the Internet in communicating cannot be over-emphasized. Many types of communication including emotional communication take place on the Internet. This chapter attempts to demonstrate how emotions can be communicated through the Internet. It examines the concepts of the Internet, emotions, and communication, and describes the tools for communicating emotions through the Internet. It also discusses the factors associated with emotional communication and some of its criticisms. The chapter concludes that the Internet is an effective medium of communicating emotions.
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For some years now, technology has advanced new forms of ideas about communication. One of these new ideas is Internet communication. Communication has been transformed into three revolutionary stages. The first was when written communication began. Writing then was done on stone, which was too cumbersome to transfer and therefore was not mobile. The second was when writing was done on paper, papyrus, wax, and printing press. The third and the most current is that information can now be transformed via controlled waves and electronic signals such as through the Internet. This latest invention also makes it possible for emotions to be communicated on the Internet.

Definition of the Internet

The Internet, which is also referred to as the Net, is the worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that has been made available to the public. It transmits data by packet switching using a standardized Internet protocol and many other protocols (World IQ, 2011). The Internet consists of thousands of commercial, academic, and governmental networks. Among the various information and services it carries are electronic mail, online chat, the interlinked Web pages, and other documents of the World Wide Web. It is simply written as the Internet with capital “I” because of its large and extensive capacity. The Internet has thus become a gateway to information communication (Robbins, 2001). According to Abioye (2004) the term Internet is used to describe a worldwide group of connected computer networks. A computer network is a group of computers connected by communication equipment and software for the purpose of sharing information.

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