Community Science and Technology and Its Meaning to Potential Requirement

Community Science and Technology and Its Meaning to Potential Requirement

P. K. Paul (Raiganj University, India) and A. Bhuimali (Raiganj University, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7661-7.ch030


Community science and technology (CST) is an emerging concept and side by side a broader domain that deals with various aspects of community and societal development. Community science and technology may be treated as subject responsible and dedicated for community and society development. This is the domain which talks about science and technology and its development for societal and community. Community science and technology (CST) may be expressed as a domain of science, technology, and engineering responsible for social and community development. Information science is an interdisciplinary domain and responsible for information vis-à-vis technological solution with social science perspective; thus, the domain may be treated as a domain of community or social touch or more clearly a domain of community science and technology.
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CST is a conceptual domain dedicated to societal development though proper science and technological tools (see Figure 1). Community Science and Technology may be brought as both, individual course of study or may be an individual subject with CST flavour. If it is a full-fledged CST programme then it may deal with several aspects of Community including its nature, role, diversity and side by side valuable for expressing the tools and techniques responsible for community or society and ultimately for its development today. Many aspects like virtual community, social network, and community development may also fall under the CST. Science and Technology are the main sources for the development whether it is industry, communication, education, governance and others. Such development and modernization of society is also possible with better and healthy Community Science and Technology related applications. The main background of this chapter includes but not limited:

  • To find out about and learn on Community Science and Technology including its basic nature and characteristics.

  • To learn and find out about Community Science and Technology as a stakeholder of development and modernization.

  • To know about future potentiality of CST related programs as an academic specialization courses.

  • To draw an exact picture and possibilities of CST program related to Community Science and Technology and its development.

  • To find out Service Science and Community related aspects in Information Sciences and Technology.

  • To design and development of Information Science related curriculum focused with Community Science and Technology gradients or specialization.

  • To find out main problems and challenges of MSc- Information Science/ Information Sciences and Technology course with CST flavor.

This conceptual vis-à-vis policy study has been undertaken by the several tools and methods. Among others, review of literature is the important source of information. The web review, study of existing Community Science and Technology related programme has also played an important role to do this research work. It is a fact that material in the form of paper or chapter on Community Science and Technology is very limited. Hence web review has been undertaken to learn about the term and emerging concept. Role of specific subject to the community like computer in community, communication in community, energy informatics and management in the community and others critically analyzed and thus huge literature has been consulted and indirectly used to prepare this study.

Figure 1.

The basics of community science and technology


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