Concept Evaluation

Concept Evaluation

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Various mission adaptive display concepts are evaluated in an operational setting to evaluate the effectiveness of their conceptual design. This is useful so one can highlight possible design problems early. An important aspect of this evaluation presented here is the scenario treatment of an actual mission. Terrain critical conditions, wind shear, and wake turbulence conditions are covered. This section also examines some important features and theories of Operational decision making. Included in the operational decision making model are problem definition, ODM definition, risk continuum, decision analytic structure, mission performance models, triggering events, critical flight maneuver performance aids, and kinematic assessment. A special notice should be given to the operational treatment of a single engine approach and the mission performance aids associated with its critical flight maneuver.
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Operational Decision Theory

The theoretical support for ODM is referred to as Operational Decision Theory. This theory contains a number of elements and conceptual constructs not least of which is the Decision Analytic Structure or the decision model for understanding and processing operational decisions. These are the major components and elements of Operational Decision Theory.

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