Constructing the Framework

Constructing the Framework

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In this chapter, readers are driven through the rather unforgettable journey of digital age, popularised by electronic commerce. With no doubt, the emergence of information technology and its evolvement and advancement over the years have catapulted way business operations are conducted in recent times to newer heights. In addition, in the course of a heightened need for efficacy in organisational and institutional activities and operations and to provide seamless broadened horizons in the delivery of services, leaders and stakeholders have invested in eCommerce in this regard, in attempts to embrace the current wave of doing business. Needlessly, this wave has translated into flexibility in service delivery, an endeavour that calls for strategic planning. Without a delve, deep into the implementation strategies and the targeted customers, it is tempting to conclude naively that all eCommerce solutions render the desired returns on these investments, given the kinds of leadership that prevail at these institutions and organisations. This chapter provides elucidations with respect to electronic commerce and institutions and business organisations systemically. The results from the study also reveal that the obvious is not always as such.
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In conducting a meaningful study, the researcher must indulge in careful planning. Careful research planning entails identifying the problem and objectives, constructing research questions, and developing hypotheses. It must be taken into critical consideration if the research in question contributes to the body of knowledge. Once these steps have been carved out, the researcher must design a methodology based on the nature of the study; this will entail how data will be collected and analysed. The final portion will include the discussion of the results and perhaps recommendations. This essence of the framework of the works presented in this book is to provide readers with an understanding of research and the fundamentals per se, involved in a sound research while providing expository on some issues prevalent in enterprise electronic commerce or the electronic business world. Sections and subtopics tackled in this chapter include:

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