Construction of a Proper Research Report: An Overview

Construction of a Proper Research Report: An Overview

Sree Krishna Bharadwaj H. (National Law School of India University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1697-2.ch001
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Any study undertaken involves the congruous understanding of the subject matter and presentation of subject matter after the research is very much paramount. It is necessary that the research has to be reported in a proper manner and a systematic way. There are various parts of a research report and each part is equally important to adhere. Effective report writing is also an art as well as science. This paper analyses the importance of the research report and also the parts of the research report.
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Research while not writing is of very little purpose. Consequently, the analysis report is taken into account a significant element of the analysis task that is still incomplete until the report has been conferred and/or written. There are, of course, different ways that of human activity analysis and its findings, most notably through speechmaking, however writing them up remains of preponderating importance in most areas of analysis. The analysis report, thesis or the journal article, educational text and conference paper are the most important means of information and the researchers communicate with one another, and with different interested parties, across space and time. The speedy development of recent data and laptop technologies have conjointly modified the speed and scope of such communication, however it's not altered the importance of writing because the means that for human activity. So, writing is just an instrument of communicating the researcher's findings and conclusions to the audience or readers, or consumers of the research product.

Writing up isn't simply important, however a continuation, a part of the analysis method, that ought to begin before long, once the commencement of the research, and on the far side of its completion, it becomes inevitable. It begins before you begin pondering and reading around your analysis. Finally, the research worker must prepare the report of what has been done by him. The writing of report must be done with great care, keeping in view the following:

The layout of the report should be as follows:

  • The preliminary pages

  • The main text, and

  • The end matter (Darwish, n. d.) (Darwish)


Structural Layout Of Research Report

Any study undertaken should involve the congruous understanding of the subject matter and presentation of this subject matter after the research is withal very much paramount. The layout of the report designates what the research report should contain. A comprehensive layout of the research report should comprise (A) Preliminary pages; (B) the main text; and (C) the end matter.

It is also primarily necessary to understand the contents of any thesis or dissertation or paper. The following provides a glimpse into those contents:

  • 1.

    Associate introduction, at the start and a group of conclusions, at the end. These is also supplemented or maybe replaced by, severally, an outline and a series of recommendations.

  • 2.

    A series of distinct sections or chapters, which can be more divided into sub-sections or sub-chapters. Every section or chapter could have its own introductory and last passages.

  • 3.

    References to existing analysis and publications, probably light by designated quotations. An inventory of the materials stated are enclosed, in all probability at the top of the report or thesis, probably within the variety of a listing.

  • 4.

    Tables, diagrams, charts and alternative sorts of illustrations.

  • 5.

    Variety of prefatory sections, like a preface, abstract, dedication and acknowledgement; and/or supplementary sections, within the variety of appendices.

The Preliminary Pages

In its preliminary pages the report ought to carry a title and date, followed by acknowledgements within the sort of `Preface` or and `Foreword` Then there ought to be a table of contents followed by an inventory of tables and list of graphs and charts/illustrations, if any, given within the report. The list of tables and list of charts facilitate the choice maker or anybody fascinated by reading the report back to find simply the desired info within the report. A simple abstract can be added too (Hertzmann, n. d.). (Hertzmann)

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