Construction of Traceability System by Using Simple and Handy Type RFID Reader

Construction of Traceability System by Using Simple and Handy Type RFID Reader

Rei Itsuki (Hiroshima International University, Japan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-871-5.ch004


This chapter picks up and explains some problems on system costs or specifications faced when trying to construct a traceability system by using RFID tags. The peripherals including RFID reader are even now expensive because it is not widespread in the market. Because of the sense of comparatively high price of the system cost and the dilemma to the specification, the impression that construction approach of the traceability system using RFID tags may be in the contemplation period is strong. This chapter shows these problems obtained from a market trend concerning the traceability in recent years and the result of reviews of the RFID tag applications or proof experiments. Next, the points of the future traceability system construction using these new technologies, especially about simple and handy type RFID reader using FPGA are described.
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2. Market Trend In Traceability

In recent years, the market highly pays attention to the traceability system (Cleland-Huang, et al., 2007). One of the reasons of this will be diversification of the commercial distribution market. Growing rate of Internet access around the world has accelerated the speed of unfettered spread of information. Consumers have been able to obtain much fresh information of commercial products and this accelerates the cycle speed from appearance of new products or services to popularization of them. The Internet has also accelerated the speed of globalization. Some commercial products have easily transported from country to country.

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