Corporate Advertising at the Age of Social Media

Corporate Advertising at the Age of Social Media

Ercan Aktan (Aksaray University, Turkey) and Mehmet Nejat Ozupek (Selcuk University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8125-5.ch011
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As one of the main issues of public relations, corporate advertising is an important pattern for the companies from the point of ensuring positive communication with their customers and sending image-based messages. Social media, which is one of the important communicational environments, has become a channel with high-level interaction with which the institutions may deliver their corporate advertising to the target group. Social media, which provide symmetrical interaction, may be convenient for increasing the effectiveness of corporate advertising messages and may provide positive contributions to the goodwill of the institutions. In this chapter, the term of corporate advertising with an important public relations aspect for the first thing and then the term of social media are studied, and finally, the benefits of the advertisements which will be held in the social media and their advantages to the corporations are discussed.
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1. The Term Of Corporate Advertising

Corporate advertising is a tool which can be used at the field of public relations to gain respect and reputation to a corporation (Yatkın and Yatkın, 2010, p. 12; Asna, 2006, p. 30). From this point of view, corporate advertising is cross point for advertising and public relations (Kalender 2008, p. 39), the fields of advertisement and public relations supports each other through corporate advertising applications (Arklan, 2011, p. 39). Thus, the term corporate advertising is so close to public relations. Because, both of them are trying to establish the image of corporate (Sabuncuoglu, 2010, p. 23). In other words, corporate advertising is a kind of advertising style that aims developing the image of an enterprise as a whole rather than introducing a product or a service (Peltekoglu, 2001, p. 35).

In case it is required during the studies of public relations, some advertising can be done in order to make the name of the corporation famous and increase the fame and reputation of an enterprise. Corporate advertising is an advertising activity which is used in the aim of transferring the messages and tools in details in public relations (Camdereli, 2000, p. 28), this also contributes the corporation (Biehal and Sheinin, 1998, p. 99).

During this publicity in corporate advertising, some rituals specially prepared by them and reflecting them are transferred to the target groups. As a result of these transferring, corporations try to create an integrated sense on the target group and with this way they try to perform the positioning.

Key Terms in this Chapter

New Communication Techniques: New communication techniques offer many opportunities to the efforts organizations expend to build mutually beneficial relationships with key publics.

Advocacy Advertising: A kind of advertisements is used in order to influence the public on political or social matters.

Image Advertisements: A kind of corporate advertising, which the main aim is to reinforce the corporate identity in the view of target group, investors.

Social media: Social media exist in a variety of forms and serve numerous purposes. Consumer-generated content supported through social media is a mixture of fact and opinion, impression and sentiment, founded and unfounded tidbits, experiences, and even rumor.

Financial Relationship Programs: A corporate advertising type is produced for the groups who are supplying financial support to the corporation.

Corporate Advertising: Corporate advertising has been defined as paid messages communicated through different media outlets designed to influence consumers' perceptions of a company and its products and their intentions to purchase the products.

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