Critical Issues in Requirements Engineering Education

Critical Issues in Requirements Engineering Education

Rafia Naz Memon (University of Malaya, Malaysia), Rodina Ahmad (University of Malaya, Malaysia) and Siti Salwah Salim (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6026-7.ch002


Requirements Engineering (RE) is the most crucial process within software development projects. In order to prepare skilled requirements engineers, Requirements Engineering Education (REE) needs to be provided to students at the university level before they become software engineers and part of the workforce. However, RE is considered the most difficult subject within the software engineering curriculum for students to learn and for lecturers to teach due to its uncertain nature. This chapter examines the current and potential areas for research within REE. It first presents the current status of REE provided in universities and the REE problems reported in the literature that lead us to the potential research problems in REE. The REE teaching approaches proposed by researchers are then elaborated. The proposed approaches are mapped back to address the REE problems. The chapter closes with recommended directions for future REE research.
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2. Current Status Of Requirements Engineering Education

This section presents an overview of RE and REE, and presents the REE offered in different countries together with researchers views on it.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Software Engineering: The discipline that applies the principles of engineering to design, develop, test, maintain and evaluate the software.

Requirements Engineering Education: The education provided to teach students the basic concepts and skills they need to perform requirements engineering, as well as enabling them to practise performing requirements engineering activities while working on real projects.

RE Teaching Strategies: The approaches used by educators to deliver for requirements engineering curriculum to students in requirements engineering course.

Requirements Engineering Education Problems: The issues related to requirements engineering curriculum that cause problems for stuents and lecturers in understanding and teaching RE concepts and activitities.

Requirements Engineering: RE is about capturing the requirements of customers and analysing, modelling and validating those requirements and presenting them in a software requirements specification, which is the final output within the RE process. The software is then developed based on these specified requirements.

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