Cyber Secure Man-in-the-Middle Attack Intrusion Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Cyber Secure Man-in-the-Middle Attack Intrusion Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Jayapandian Natarajan
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The main objective of this chapter is to enhance security system in network communication by using machine learning algorithm. Cyber security network attack issues and possible machine learning solutions are also elaborated. The basic network communication component and working principle are also addressed. Cyber security and data analytics are two major pillars in modern technology. Data attackers try to attack network data in the name of man-in-the-middle attack. Machine learning algorithm is providing numerous solutions for this cyber-attack. Application of machine learning algorithm is also discussed in this chapter. The proposed method is to solve man-in-the-middle attack problem by using reinforcement machine learning algorithm. The reinforcement learning is to create virtual agent that should predict cyber-attack based on previous history. This proposed solution is to avoid future cyber middle man attack in network transmission.
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Data security and data analytics are a two major pillars of the modern business world. Cyber security is not only the association of data security and privacy, it also consists of a multiple of other components. Cyber security is a process that comprises data, network, storage and computing. The market growth of cyber security reached around 135 billion US dollar in the year 2017. The expected market growth during the period 2018 to 2022 is projected to be 200 billion US dollars (Steve Morgan, 2018). Almost all the utilization services are migrating to the cloud platform. These utilization services are storage, network and infrastructure. The reason for this migration is easy accessibility and lower cost. The other positive aspect of this migration is reducing establishment and computational costs. Third party service providers are also facing serious data security problems. This security problem is termed cybersecurity and addresses data and network security. Cyber security issues and crimes are officially published in many documents in more than fifty countries (Gercke, 2012). The nature and scope of the problem is network security. Cyber security is similar to the banyan tree, where the leaf of this tree is to maintain security and risk management. This cybersecurity is a part of information security to manage various security tools (Kaufman, 2009). The Figure 1. illustrates different elements of cyber security (Schatz, Bashroush & Wall, 2017). The role of the roots is to provide higher security data.

Figure 1.

Cyber Security Elements


Cyber security is the attainment of data organization and device computation. This device computation relates to various computers and deals with many traditional and non-traditional data. The objective of information security is a circle of three elements that is termed availability, integrity and confidentiality (Jouini & Rabai, 2019). Data availability refers to accessing data from server machines. The second element is integrity which deals with data accuracy and quality (Luo, Hong & Fang, 2018). The most important element is confidentiality which concerns handling data security mechanisms. Both cybersecurity and information security are communication security protocols (Von Solms & Van Niekerk, 2013).

Table 1.
A Comparison between Cyber Security and Information Security
Cyber SecurityInformation Security
Cyber security deals with data protection in digital format.Information security providing physical and digital security.
Client to server communication protect unauthorized digital communication access.Major focus on availability of data with data confidentiality.
It concerns handling advanced technology and it is named internet communication.Information security is a basic security mechanism.
Data breach and data phishing is a primary goal.Basic security protocols used for data security.
Third party security is needed.Inter security mechanism is enough.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Reinforcement Learning: Reinforcement learning method is to create virtual agent for the purpose of taking dynamic decision.

Machine Learning: Machine learning is the process of predicting future result based on previous history.

Network Security: Network security provides better security system during network data transmission.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack (MITM): Man-in-the-middle attack means hacking the data during network transmission in public network.

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