Cyber Space Regulations for Protecting Women in UK

Cyber Space Regulations for Protecting Women in UK

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This chapter describes various features of regulation of cyber space by the UK. The regulations for unauthorized access and related activities, Stalking and stalking related activities, gender sensitive offensive communications and sexual offences are discussed in detail. The issue of consented and unconsented sexual exposure in the internet and various regulatory provisions related to that is also analyzed. A discussion is followed where an emphasis is made for creation of new women centric laws for their protection in cyber space as the current laws, which are dealing crimes against women in cyber space, are found to be archaic.
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As we have discussed in chapter 2, hacking and hacking related activities may not always be restricted to crimes committed against the nation or the corporate entities alone. We see it as a crime when done to stored computer data or the computer as a machine of any female victim. To access her personal information including pictures without proper authorization, with intention to misuse it, distribute it in the internet, modify the contents and give a false impression of the victim etc, are also criminal activities as stalking or bullying. Strangely enough, in UK, these sorts of cyber criminal activities against women have been never given a separate legal treatment on the pretext that these are also one of the hacking related activities which are done to individuals. We feel that the core reason for the growth of internet crimes against women could be lackluster attitude of the law and justice machinery to understand the nature of hacking related activities targeted especially to the women. Such sorts of unauthorized access towards personal data may lead to several other cyber offences including public defamation and humiliation, impersonation, unwanted exposure of the victim in adult entertainment industry etc.

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