Decision Making and Behavior: Sales to Final Customers in Jewelry SMEs – Perception of Key Strategies of Neuromarketing and Elements of Service Quality

Decision Making and Behavior: Sales to Final Customers in Jewelry SMEs – Perception of Key Strategies of Neuromarketing and Elements of Service Quality

Jovanna Nathalie Cervantes-Guzmán (University of Guadalajara, Mexico)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3351-2.ch019
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Neuromarketing is a tool of research that has shown those stimuli of marketing that affect the emotional part of buyers' brains. Their knowledge can be considered as a support in a strategy to influence the increase sales levels and improve the relationship with customers. The purpose of the research is to demonstrate the relationship between the key strategies of neuromarketing and the elements of the quality in the service for sales to the final customer in commercial SMEs of the jewelry industry in Guadalajara. The methodology that was used was non-experimental of transversal character and an exploratory research and correlation. The object of the study was the commercial SMEs of Centro Joyero San Juan de Dios in Guadalajara. The analysis demonstrated that there exists a relation of the key strategies and the quality of the service in the perception of sales in neuromarketing.
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Statement of the Problem

Mortality of the SMES in Jalisco is higher than the national average, this is, because 85 of every 100 companies do not survive the first two years on the market (El Informador, 2014).

70% of the SMES in Jalisco do not contemplate the service to the client as central element, being essential for the companies because they develop on the basis of the clients and the sales. The absence of this owes to the lack of training of the businessmen causing low sales, less competitiveness and the possible failure of the managerial projects (Loera, 2012).

It is necessary to introduce the process of traditional marketing of the SMEs to neuromarketing to manage to interfere on a market with consumers who have access to a great quantity of information and, therefore, they possess a major exigency towards the product and / or service, compete on a highly competitive market, rely on a constant evolution of the market and, principally, to be able to correct the principal problematics of the SME: the lack of growth and I develop in the long term.



One of the new trends in marketing that is used by more than 80% of 100 leading companies in the business world proving to be positives ensued in addition to its structure they have the facility of adjust to different managerial drafts and sizes it is the neuromarketing. Is defined as the identification of the zones of the brain that intervene in the process of purchase of a product or selection of a brand (Taher, 2006).

The study of neuromarketing and its process of adjustment in the SMES performance a vital importance since 95% of the process of decision of the consumer is subconscious (Zaltman, 2003). Its application is necessary for the benefits that they carry as the optimization of the competitive advantages of the company to be able to increase the possibility of success in the SMES in order that they could transform in medium companies and later in big.

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