Design, Development, and Marketing Process of Video Games

Design, Development, and Marketing Process of Video Games

Devkan Kaleci (İnönü University, Turkey) and Tansel Tepe (Kilis 7 Aralık University, Turkey)
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In this study, general information about video game and video game sector, process of steps when designing, developing, and marketing a video game are presented in detail. Since game designers attempt to create their own type and develop new game type, there is no certain acceptance about suitable categorization for video games and certain number of video games types. For this reason, it is firstly mentioned about video game concept as well as systematically categorizing all game types in this study. Afterwards, each of these game categories and game types are described in details. Furthermore, it is aimed to raise awareness of researchers interested in this area, and to help in removing false or incomplete information about video games in the process of video game development.
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Video Game Industry And Its Historical Development Process

The origins of first video game are based upon video game which is called Nimatron and later called Nim by Edward Cordon in 1940, ten thousands of people played Nimatron but artificial intelligence would win ninety percent probability (Wikipedia, 2015). Between 1956-1961, Mouse in the Maze (a mouse that searches cheese in a labyrinth), HAX (in the game, various visual forms and sounds can be made with two keys on the consoles), Tic-Tac-Toe (players can write X and O with a light pen in the game), works graphical in computers are called TX-0, were developed in MIT. According to Friedman (1995), the beginning of video game history is accepted as “Spacewar” that was designed by enginners of MIT in 1962. The game was prepared in Digital PDP-1 master computer. Digital PDP-1 master computer pass into the history by developing the first interactive war gameIn the progress of time it become popular took place in all of computers. Ralph Bea made a game “Corndog”, running on standard television in 1966 and then he developed games like ping pong and shooting target in 1968. In 1969, Ken Thompson designed a game “Space Travel”, it worked in MULTICS operating system. Space travel simulates motions of solar system and it is about taking spacecraft to the surface. Later, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie designed the game in PDP-7 assembler language for bringing the costs down. In this period, the first UNIX version of “Space Travel” was found in development process of UNIX operating system to learn software development for machine (Ritchie, 2007).

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