Design of Avatars With “Differential” Logic: The “Internal Bifurcation” Approach

Design of Avatars With “Differential” Logic: The “Internal Bifurcation” Approach

Serge V. Chernyshenko
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1581-5.ch006
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The chapter is devoted to the analysis of possibilities in designing dynamic properties of avatars in multi-agent systems. It is shown that determination of “differential logic” of avatars, based on the use of differential equations, gives sufficient flexibility in describing their behavior over time. At the same time, the differential description usually involves a smooth response of the object to external or internal influences, which for avatars is usually not correct. To eliminate this weak point, it is proposed to use the technology of internal bifurcations, which allows to simulate discontinues effects in the avatar dynamics. It is shown that even when using relatively simple quadratic models of the Lotka-Volterra type, the technique allows to describe rather complex information interactions in the multi-agent systems.
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Effectiveness of computer simulating business processes, particularly, with use of such modern approaches as avatars, big data and so on, is considered in numerous scientific publications. A review of works, devoted to this topic, can be found in the articles ((Natalicchio et al., 2017; el al, 2017; Spender et al, 2017) et al., 2017).. The considered ideas can be used as a basis of the logic of the functioning of avatars; there are interesting approaches, sometimes implemented in the form of ready-made algorithms (Cegarra et al., 2015; Gambal et al.,2018; Sjödin et al., 2018; West, Bogers, 2014).

Computer intelligent agents (“avatars” in the context) are very popular objects in computer science last decades (Dawid & Fagiolo, 2008; Ferber, 1999). Avatar-based approach to decision-making in economy and politics becomes very popular also (Arifovic et al., 2010; Dawid & Fagiolo, 2008; LeBaron & Winker, 2008). A specification of avatar inputs/outputs is in focus of a specific application researches; thus, special “Triple H Avatars” were proposed for the considering problem in (Mkrttchian, 2015).

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