Determinants of the Tuition Fees and Their Impact on Financial Value: Field Study on Private Primary Schools in Damascus

Determinants of the Tuition Fees and Their Impact on Financial Value: Field Study on Private Primary Schools in Damascus

Roshan kabtool (Syrian Virtual University, Syria)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0062-0.ch011
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This chapter aims at determining the factors that affect the pricing of tuition fees in private schools. It includes private primary schools in Damascus Governorate, the research population, in which the researcher used the analytical descriptive method and provided a theoretical framework that clarifies all the concepts related to the subject of tuition fees and private education from a financial aspect. The sample was obtained from 35 private schools from Damascus governorate schools. Future studies may address the educational aspect of this theme or take broader sectors of private education.
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First: Scientific Importance

To add new academic research on the pricing of tuition fees, to continue the previous researches and to give a new study can be updated.

Practical Importance

Private primary schools should benefit from the results of this research in the development of the educational service they provide, and parents should benefit by looking at the results of this research to clarify the benefits they receive for the payment of tuition fees.

Research Objectives

To study the factors that determine school fees in private primary schools and the effect of these factors on the value of the financial premium, and to explain the justification for increasing these premiums through a theoretical framework that explains all the concepts related to private schools, and a practical framework analyzes the necessary data to reach the desired conclusions.

Research Terms

The concept of special education: education which is based on the fees paid by parents of students not for free, but it controlled by the government (Hafiz, 1961, p. 201).

The concept of the private school: Each educational institution owned by individuals. The graduate student receives the high education certificates recognized by the Ministry of Education (Hafez, 1961, p. 641).

The concept of the school fee: The amount of money the school receives for providing the student's educational service, including school transport fees, textbooks, dress, and other services. (Ministry of Education).

Research Limits

  • Spatial boundaries: Private primary schools in Damascus.

  • Temporal boundaries: The year of study is 2017.

Research Community

All private primary schools in Damascus except schools supported by charities or those under nationalization.

The Research Sample

The researchers selected a random sample from Damascus Private Primary Schools in Damascus, the sample was randomized because the researchers received all the private primary school numbers in Damascus through a file from the Directorate of Education. The random contact was conducted with a sample of 35 schools.

Research Tool

The study tool “The Questionnaire” was designed depending on the previous studies, the determinants in the Abu Dhabi Higher Education Council's guidebook, and expert's opinions to make the survey fit this study.

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