What Determines the World: Causality as the Life-or-Death Relationship

What Determines the World: Causality as the Life-or-Death Relationship

Azamat Abdoullaev (EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd, Cyprus)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-966-3.ch007


The world or reality is the totality of things diversified into a multitude of collections of subworlds with the characteristic constraints and boundaries; all determined by the fundamental causal laws. Accordingly, the logic of reality is ultimately one; for there cannot be many logics of the universe. Although many personal perspectives allowed, and particular truths, special things and meanings, the global logic of reality is a single universal consistent system relied on a set of ontological classes and relationships, fundamental rules and laws. The universe is a deep, dark secret, mysterious and mystifying to human minds. And the fundamental challenge to the human mind is to provide a comprehensive account and model that explains in noncryprical terms how this unbounded environment changes and how its basic constituents causally related, and so forth. And this is all the legal responsibility of the UFO as a causal dynamic ontology, formulating the causal rules of world behavior as fundamental laws by establishing underlying regularities, uniformities, invariants, and correlations. So guiding science and technology, the task of dynamic ontology is to give us the overall structures, uniformities, patterns, laws, constraints, and invariants within which the many changes in the world take place, finding out what it is outside and inside, defining the natures and essences common to the denumerable multitude of individuals, by classifying the whole universe of things into the prime categories, classes, kinds and relationships.

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