Development Methodologies and Users

Development Methodologies and Users

Shawren Singh, Paula Kotzé
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-945-8.ch023
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There are various development methodologies that are used in developing ISs, some more conventional than others. On the conventional side, there are two major approaches to systems development methodologies that are used to develop IS applications: the traditional systems development methodology and the object-oriented (OO) development approach. The proponents of HCI and interaction design propose life cycle models with a stronger user focus than that employed in the conventional approaches. Before the researcher looks at these approaches, he or she needs to ponder about the method of comparing and assessing the various methodologies. There are always inherent problems in comparing various development methodologies (The Object Agency, 1993). It is, in many instances, difficult to repeat the results of a methodology comparison with any accuracy. Since few (if any) of the comparisons cite page references indicating where a particular methodology comparison item (e.g., a term, concept, or example) can be found in the methodology under review, it is difficult, if not impossible, to verify the accuracy of these methodology comparisons. The researchers did not compare the methodologies step-by-step, but rather in terms of whether and when they address the human element. Researchers have to acknowledge that methodologies are always in a state of flux. In theory, one thing happens, and in practice the methodologies are modified to suit individual business needs.

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