The Development of Ordered SQL Packages to Support Data Warehousing

The Development of Ordered SQL Packages to Support Data Warehousing

Wilfred Ng, Mark Levene
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 27
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-931777-02-5.ch018
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Data warehousing is a corporate strategy that needs to integrate information from several sources of separately developed Database Management Systems (DBMSs). A future DBMS of a data warehouse should provide adequate facilities to manage a wide range of information arising from such integration. We propose that the capabilities of database languages should be enhanced to manipulate user-defined data orderings, since business queries in an enterprise usually involve order. We extend the relational model to incorporate partial orderings into data domains and describe the ordered relational model. We have already defined and implemented a minimal extension of SQL, called OSQL, which allows querying over ordered relational databases. One of the important facilities provided by OSQL is that it allows users to capture the underlying semantics of the ordering of the data for a given application. Herein we demonstrate that OSQL aided with a package discipline can be an effective means to manage the inter-related operations and the underlying data domains of a wide range of advanced applications that are vital in data warehousing, such as temporal, incomplete and fuzzy information. We present the details of the generic operations arising from these applications in the form of three OSQL packages called: OSQL_TIME, OSQL_INCOMP and OSQL_FUZZY.

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