Devices for Controlled Release Advancements and Effectiveness

Devices for Controlled Release Advancements and Effectiveness

Arvind Kumar Singh Chandel (Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, India)
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The term control release means the release of the molecules from any reservoir in very precise and constant amounts and following zero-order or near-to-zero-order release kinetics. This type of formulation and device has a huge market over the medical world. The basic foundation of sustained release drug delivery system enhances the biopharmaceutical and pharmacodynamics pharmacokinetic properties of a drug in such a way that its usefulness is exploited, side-effects are reduced, and cure of the disease is attained easily. The international controlled-release drug delivery technology market has been divided on the basis of technology, application, release mechanism, and geography. This chapter describes these topics: metered dose inhalers, transdermal and ocular patches, drug eluting stents, activation-modulated drug delivery systems, polymer coating systems microelectromechanical technology, implants, micro reservoir partition controlled drug delivery systems, hydrophilic polymer matrix systems, targeted delivery, enzyme activated device.
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1. Introduction

The conventional drug delivery systems and devices having numerous problems such as incorrect dosing, limited drug solubility, limited drug permeability, poor drug distribution, overdose, short circulating time, poor selectivity, more side effects, toxicity and unfavourable pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics. Over these problems, the considerable research has directed in the last twenty years toward the development of advanced devices and more efficient drug delivery systems. (Jiang, W., Kim, B.Y., Rutka, J.T. and Chan, W.C., 2007; Ferrari, M. and Torchilin, V., 2008; Hoffman, A.S., 2008).

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