Digital Learning and Pedagogical Practice

Digital Learning and Pedagogical Practice

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Despite the influx of classroom technologies and personal devices, many teachers are still not adequately prepared to integrate technology into instructional practices. Research shows that effective integration requires the confluence of teaching knowledge, technical knowledge, and content knowledge. Carefully analyzing personal practice using the Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge, and Knowledge of Teaching (TPACK) Framework and Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition (SAMR) Model aids teachers in better understanding ways to design and implement technology rich strategies aimed at improving student learning and collaborative inquiry. Because technology professional development has been often delivered as crash courses in the use of a particular technology or technology enhanced instructional method, supporting and developing teachers in engaging, meaningful approaches are often omitted. Chapter 4 focuses on the shift in professional learning to better support and engage teachers in pedagogical practice using digital learning strategies aligned with school change initiatives.
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Teacher Beliefs Incorporating Technology

Teacher beliefs are an essential factor in their decision to incorporate technology into the curriculum (Inan & Lowther, 2010). Beliefs guide both teacher actions and decisions (Fullan, 2016; Palak & Walls, 2009). Further noted by Palak and Walls (2009) was the assertion that investigating teacher practices must include the investigation of teacher beliefs, perceptions, previous knowledge, and judgments. DeMeester, Kim, Kim, Lee, and Spector (2013) noted differences in teacher beliefs and their attitudes. Some of the differences were related to low self-efficacy, while others were related to how teachers viewed the value of technology in learning.

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