Digitalization's Impact on Work Culture

Digitalization's Impact on Work Culture

Manisha Mathur (National Law University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3191-3.ch006
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Digital work culture followed by any organization on the digital workplace in digital environment, work is going through the technologies in the virtual office, business site merely presents in cyberspace by using their laptop, cell phones via accessing the internet, anywhere, anytime. It directly affects economic, social, culture and business over the globe in a nano-second equally. It plays an important role in the development and growth of any organizations as well as the economic growth of the nation work culture is actually beliefs, ideas, manner and attitude of employees along with organization's ideologies and principles. author presents information about Digital media has impacting on Work Culture now traditional work culture is become digital work culture where efficiency with qualitative and quantitative productivity of employees and organization and business in a very swiftly, time saving, economically by the sharing information globally.
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In this digital age, knowledge and information spread amazingly fast and at a mind-boggling speed. It directly affects economic, social, culture and business over the globe in a second equally, impacting all. No doubt, digital influence of company extending in global market helping the organization to perform smoothly. It is also improving efficiency and quality of their products with day-to-day operations. The prompt innovation of technologies is with the motives that allowing digital contents audio, video and graphics contents transmitted over the internet by the digital media like, window files help employees interact globally and make them professionally quicker and most efficient, which was not possible in earlier times.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful feature of digitization that can be automated the work like human being. It has a great supporting feature on various aspects to track and handle the functions of employees and various aspects of their job. It helps in developing healthy work culture and makes the staff more competent as demanding by employer’s expectations and also supportive of decision making to take the solution of a specific area of the problem by the experts of relative fields.

Online Banking provides facility to check account, easy transfer money, etc. Online selling and purchasing, e-payment system facility like e-cash, e-billing, e-wallet, smart card, etc. are facilities provided in the digital environment.

It is important to understand that digital media could play a crucial role in shaping the development and growth landscape of any organization. In this Digi-tech age, digital media is affecting work culture in organization. It is transforming work succession rate into a digital setting of success. Digital Media has played a significant role in any organization to maintain a smart work culture.

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    Work Culture: Work culture is defined as a unique social, psychological environment including values and behavior of an organization and its employees. It plays an important role in the development and growth of any organization similarly economic growth of the nation as well. If work culture is friendly and healthy, the employees will be concentrating on their work with job satisfaction, and an aura of positivity will prevail all the time. Employees will remain in the organization with the qualitative and quantitative product. Management can perform its functions swiftly, smoothly and with great achievements. That said, work culture is nothing except the mentality of the employees which further rectify the environment of the organization. Work culture is beliefs, ideas, manner and attitude of employees along with organization’s ideologies and principles.

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    Digital Work Culture: Digital work culture is a culture followed by any organization on the digital workplace. Digital culture provides a good and healthy work culture which is important for the growth of any business as depends on efficiency and satisfaction of employees. A healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit have a healthy worker and healthy thinker and a good or healthy work culture is helpful in maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships. Network maintains user friendly atmosphere in which leaders can trust and a sense of self-empowerment. Networks guide management towards visionary task that generates innovations and creativity.

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