E-Reputation in Web Entrepreneurship

E-Reputation in Web Entrepreneurship

Vincent Dutot (Paris School of Business, France) and Sylvaine Castellano (Paris School of Business, France)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2466-3.ch005
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E-reputation is what you say, what you do and of course how others perceive all of your actions. As an entrepreneur, knowing what your customers think about you is crucial. But managing it is way more than just hiring someone to be active on some social platforms. It implies the definition of a real strategy as well as hiring specific resources to successfully manage its reputation online. By presenting what e-reputation is, what are its main components, how to measure it and what tools exist, this chapter wants to give to web-entrepreneurs the key elements in order to manage their e-reputation efficiently.
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Why Talking About E-Reputation?

Because like it or not, we are all concerned. Any company is present on the web, no matter if it decided to be present or because someone is talking about it. From a more traditional perspective, media such as television, radio or the press, have very long allowed them to present their creations to consumers and generate a positive word of mouth. However skids are recurrent and the impact on the organization is real.

Times have changed and the speed with which information travels today is almost impossible for a company to manage (especially as often it lacks the resources to manage it efficiently). In 60 seconds, the reality of the web is that simple (Excelacom, 2016):

  • Nearly 2.5 million searches just been performed on Google: and your company is part of the research.

  • 2.78 million Videos were viewed: what are your employees doing?

  • 527 000 photos were shared on Snapchat, and 38 000 new posts on Instagram: do you control your corporate image?

  • 700 000 individuals just log on Facebook.

  • Almost 350 000 new tweets were added on Twitter.

In a very simplistic way, e-reputation can be summarized “in what you do, what you say and what others say about you.” As a company, you should control “What you do and say”. On the opposite side, you have little control on “What others say about you”. In most cases you do not know what is told about you online, so it’s even harder to control it?

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