Electronic Payment Systems

Electronic Payment Systems

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1649-3.ch010


An anonymous credit card system and an electronic cash (e-cash) system are developed while exploiting ITLs and anonymous tag based credentials. Both systems enable entities to make their purchases without disclosing their identities; also they disable anyone other than the entities themselves to link their consecutive purchases. Nevertheless, ITLs in the credit card system enable card companies to calculate correct total expenditure amounts of individual cardholders without invading any privacy of honest cardholders. Because of anonymous tag based credentials, entities in the developed e-cash system can also use e-cash that had been paid to them by others, and they can receive changes from others in e-cash, under both online and offline environments.
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Anonymous Credit Card Systems

Credit card systems are one of the most effective and efficient means for remote payments. For example, when the Internet and credit card systems are combined, people can buy anything without going out from their homes or offices, and as a consequence, development of highly efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly society becomes possible. However, all privacies of customers will be revealed, when credit card companies and Internet providers exchange information about their customers. Therefore, credit card systems must be endowed with anonymous features so that more people accept the systems and fully exploit their benefits.

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