Electronic Trading, Electronic Advertising, and Social Media Literacy: Using Local Turkish Influencers in Social Media for International Trade Products Marketing

Electronic Trading, Electronic Advertising, and Social Media Literacy: Using Local Turkish Influencers in Social Media for International Trade Products Marketing

Yurdagül Meral, Duygu Ecem Özbay
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1534-1.ch012
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The internet has a huge impact on everything including by converting traditional trade methods into electronic trade and traditional marketing/advertising methods into electronic advertising and digital marketing methods not only in local trade but international trade as well. The purpose of this study is to increase literacy about electronic advertising, social media, digital marketing, by giving examples of how Turkish local influencers are used in social media to increase sales of international products. As a result, it is seen that the advertising posts made by influencers could reach a large audience in the local market.
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Marketing has been redefined by AMA several times over the last 10 years, reflecting developments in the 2000s. According to the definition of American Marketing Association (AMA, 2019) “Marketing means creating, promoting and presenting value for customers. Customer relationship management is the primary element of the business while an enterprise introduces its goods or services to the market in order to meet customer needs. Along with the changing economic environment, with the help of technology and internet, information has changed marketing strategies and practices. In this context, the global financial crisis that shook the whole world in mid-2008 caused major problems in production and employment. All sectors restructured their purchasing strategies by shaping their marketing strategies according to the economy. In this way, the economic problems that affect the marketing activities, yielded to offer low-prices of to sell, to increase sales. Thus, it has been suggested that it caused less damage to brands (Mucuk, 2014).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Twit: Twitter posts are called “Twit.”

Influencer: An influencer can be an internet phenomenon, youtuber or Instagram vowel. Influencers are the social media equivalent of “word of mouth” in marketing.

Social Networking: Where individuals can have social contacts, display each other’s lists, where they can share their links, which can be open to public or only to specific groups, friends etc. like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Twitter: Twitter is a social platform where users can share their feelings and thoughts in real time and communicate directly with other users. One of the main differences in this platform is the character limitation.

Social media: Social media is a platform where people communicate with each other in general, exchange information according to the fields of interest and exist at every moment of our lives.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): All digital marketing on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): With SEO they both help the related website to be reached in search engines. SEO is helping the website traffic. If there is “AD” box in the search, it is a paid advertisement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): One of the key points of digital marketing. The visitors of web sites information are converted via Google Analytics optimization. It helps the website to be higher in the key words search engines like Google, Yahoo.

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