Re-Enacted Affiliative Meanings and "Branding" in Open and Distance Education

Re-Enacted Affiliative Meanings and "Branding" in Open and Distance Education

Gary M. Boyd (Concordia University, Canada) and Dai Zhang (Concordia University, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-935-9.ch016
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Entwistle (1981) found it was possible and useful to categorize students in three categories: surface learners who want to acquire and use specific knowledge and skills, deep learners who seek a deeper coherent understanding of a field, and credential seekers who want a good diploma and will do whatever may be necessary to get it. The surface learners do not need formal distance education degree studies; they can more and more readily find just-in-time just-on-topic e-learning for a modest price. So the main clientele for distance education institutions are and will continue to be both those wanting a really deep meaningful education, and those who need really respectable credentials who also lack convenient affordable access to traditional universities. More and more it is becoming incumbent upon us to cater to the credential seekers and help to socialize them into their chosen fields, if possible converting them into people proud to be deep learners. Such socialization is not possible if all one provides is a cafeteria of online courses.

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