Mehmet Eymen Eryılmaz (Uludağ University, Turkey)
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Many people will agree on the idea that entrepreneurship is one of the most important business concepts in recent days. In addition, it is said that we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0). Information and communication technologies are one of the key elements of this period. Therefore, some information about these two components, “entrepreneurship” and “information and communication technologies”, are given and the possible and strong relationships between them are discussed in this study.
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From the past to today, it has been discussed by scholars of various study of fields (for example in strategic management (Barney, 2002; Booth, 1998; Eryılmaz, 2016), in organization theory (Davis & Marquis, 2005) and in business history (Kurt, 2016)) that whether the field is transformed into an academic discipline or not. In a similar vein, some early (e.g. Vesper, 1988) and recent (e.g. George & Wadhwani, 2006; Urban, 2010) studies in the field asserted that entrepreneurship gained status of an academic discipline.1 During this study, historical background of entrepreneurship discipline will be examined. Then, some discussions and empirical studies on antecedents and consequences of entrepreneurship will be shared with readers. The study will continue with a section that focuses on the link between entrepreneurship and information and communication technologies. Then, the study will give some information on recent developments and possible future trends in the field. Finally, the study will be ended with a conclusion part.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): “Electronic means of capturing, processing, storing, and communicating information” ( Heeks, 1999 : 3).

Ontrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who are working online. This concept is often accepted as synonym with netpreneur by many scholars in the field of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship (In a Classical Manner): Associated with bringing factors of production together and taking the risk that is stemmed from this activity ( Stevenson & Jarillo, 1990 ).

Nomophobia: A fear of being unable to communicate through a mobile phone or the internet” ( Yildirim, 2014 : 8 cited from King et al. , 2014 AU77: The in-text citation "King et al., 2014" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. : 28).

Copreneurs: Couples who focus on the same entrepreneurial activities ( Greenhaus & Callanan, 2006 ).

Netpreneurs: People who have an ability to operate a business on internet to a great extent ( Balachandran & Sakthivelan, 2013 ).

Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship: Making new combinations.

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