Evaluation of Health Information Systems; Challenges and Approaches

Evaluation of Health Information Systems; Challenges and Approaches

Elske Ammenwerth (Univeristy for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics & Technology, Australia University Hospital of Saarland, Germany Unversity of Erlangen, Germany University of Heidelberg, Germany)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-050-9.ch001


This chapter summarizes the problems and challenges that occur when health information systems are evaluated. The main problem areas presented are the complexity of the evaluation object, the complexity of an evaluation project, and the motivation for evaluation. Based on the analysis of those problem areas, the chapter then presents recommendations of how to address them. In particular, it discusses in more detail what benefits can be obtained from applying triangulation in evaluation studies. Based on the example of the evaluation of a nursing documentation system, it shows how both the validation of results and the completeness of results can be supported by triangulation. The authors hope to contribute to a better understanding of the peculiarities of evaluation in healthcare, and to provide information how to overcome them.

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