Examples With Lesson Plans

Examples With Lesson Plans

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The purpose of this final chapter is to provide examples of the application of the conceptual framework. This chapter contains lesson plans for four disciplines: history, science, literature, and archaeology. The four disciplines were chosen to represent science (action potentials and archaeology) and liberal arts (history and literature), all four of which are likely to be found in the curriculum of all universities. Each discipline has an overview element and plans for each of the topics within the units. Instructional technology is used in all the units of each of the disciplines. The methods used to impart the material can be any that the teacher chooses; however, most would work well with a constructivist approach. The nine instructional events developed by Dr. Robert Gagné can be used for all the units.
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The War Between The States: A Southern Perspective

Figure 1.


Figure 2.



This example will cover what the war felt like to a Southerner during the War Between the States. We shall follow a pattern for each of these examples.

Goal: To help students have a deeper understanding of how the people of the South felt about the War Between the States


  • 1.

    Given the views expressed by Ms. Carolyn White Williams about the causes of the war use your critical thinking skills to examine their validity using a web quest to gather additional information and express your opinion in support of or contrary to this view in an essay of between 1000 and 1450 words.

  • 2.

    Given the songs of the War Between the States era performed by Tom Roush, you will analyze the lyrics and state the three most common themes reflected in them with acceptable accuracy.

  • 3.

    Given the readings about Sherman’s march to the sea, you will present the event as viewed through the eyes of Georgians in the path of that march with adequate accuracy,

  • 4.

    Given the websites describing the rebel yell, you will describe how the opposing troops may have reacted to it with satisfactory accuracy.

  • 5.

    Given these materials, you will write an essay between 1,000 and 1,400 words about how they viewed the War Between the States, and why they felt that way.

Learner characteristics:

  • Traditional college juniors aged between 20 and 25 years of age representing African-American, Hispanic, and Caucasian races and ethnicity.

  • Learning theory: Constructivist

  • Instructional design model: Gagne’s nine instructional events (Gagné, 1985).

  • Resources: computers, access to the Internet, handouts


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