Expert System through GIS-Based Cloud

Expert System through GIS-Based Cloud

Prabu Sevugan (VIT University, India), Swarnalatha Purushotham (VIT University, India) and Ajay Chandran (VIT University, India)
Copyright: © 2017 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2053-5.ch017
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Enthusiasm for accuracy farming practices and advances is becoming quickly all through the agrarian world. The accuracy farming can make utilization of the current methods, for example, GPS (Global Positioning System) innovation, GIS (Geographical Information System) innovation, RS (Remote Sensing) innovation and ES (Expert System) innovation et cetera, with a specific end goal to separate the agribusiness specialized measures among plots to acquire the better peripheral advantage of economy and environment. The study demonstrates to those generally accepted methods to utilize GIS (Geography Information System), Data mining and Web innovations in the rural master choice framework. This security with mass storage is satisfied by using GIS cloud server. This chapter discuss with an Integrated Geographic Information System with ES using Cloud Computing.
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Precision farming means soil specific farming such as Tillage, Drilling, Fertilizing, Spraying, Irrigation and harvesting phases. The consecutive reforms in agricultural policy have created adequate environment for the above to facilitate the farmers. Besides, wireless sensor network (WSN) architecture for vegetable greenhouse (Sun et al.,2013) is suggested to fulfill the dreams of farmers by way of scientific cultivation and minimum management costs from the aspect of environmental monitoring.

As of late, the interest on agribusiness item has risen. Be that as it may, the information of science and innovation underway is deficient. The expansion of farming yield is limited by numerous issues, for example, absence of logical administration on development; diminish on the amount of individuals on exploration and promo, which additionally expand the expense of generation (Liping et al.,2002). Master framework can without much of a stretch and precisely direct agriculturists to experimentally treat, control bug and convey outfield administration as indicated by reality. Master framework for agrarian creation innovation, consolidated GIS with master framework, can do spatial investigation and administration and take care of the issue of learning reason met in geographic exploration. Master framework taking into account GIS can take care of the issue confronted with underway and expansion the yield and efficiency (Mao Kebiao, Tan et al., 2004; Wu Weiying, 2004).

The utilization of ES can give another plan to the rural generation. GIS can artificially deal with the different space-time information to give the choice and the interview administrations for the agribusiness creation. (Kebiao & Zhihao, 2004) Combination of ES and GIS can make the geology data to bring into the ES choice procedure. It can raise scientificity of the ES choice to utilize the logical aftereffect of GIS. In the meantime, discharging the ES choice result by GIS can fortify the visual presentation. (Miao et al.,2004) The system innovation can settle on the choice plan quicker and all the more advantageously this can be send to the rancher. It is not just a key mechanical step how to settle on logical choice and to get experimental solution to guide cultivating; additionally it is a key step regardless of whether to accomplish the point of accuracy. Step by step instructions to manufacture clever spatial choice emotionally supportive network by mix of GIS and ES innovation is not yet a completely investigated subject in Information Technology. Thusly, it is not just has essential hypothetical essentialness to examine and fabricated farming keen spatial choice emotionally supportive network, additionally it has vital down to earth meaning.

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