Exploring the Integration of ICT in Public Sector Management in Namibia

Exploring the Integration of ICT in Public Sector Management in Namibia

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This study explored how Namibia's public sector management is impacted by information and communication technologies (ICT). Information technology is currently undergoing significant change, beginning with the impact it is having on public sector employees' attendance at training sessions so they can learn new skills like using IT developments, gaining new knowledge, skills, and utilizing programs in various fields where more productive and profitable results are obtained. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the public sector, civil society, and international actors to work together to develop the policies and programs that will fully realize the potential of digital government for Namibia's public sector at all levels.
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For the successful implementation of e-government and the provision of services to citizens, public sector employees must adopt information technology/systems (IT/IS). This research bargains with a modern issue and is of extraordinary relevance to Africa, comparing with a period when nearly all governments in African nations have progressing ICT ventures pointing at proficiency of organization and change of open division administrations (Amegavi et al., 2018; Evans, 2018a; Evans, 2018b; Hwabamungu et al., 2018; Karanja, Sang and Ndirangu, 2018). In numerous advanced nations, inside a brief period, computerized government has advanced quickly from fundamental employments of ICT as straightforward instruments to facilitate highly organized authoritative work to the integration of ICT throughout government operations. The expanding utilize of Web 2.0, social media, and mobile and remote ICT by citizens has incredibly impacted the way public services are given and how citizen engagement forms are delivered (Liu and Yuan, 2015: 140). Be that as it may, African nations are slacking behind in digital government selection compared with created nations. For African countries to effectively receive ICT, precise investigations ought to be carried out to get it the impact of ICT on open organization. Namibia being member of African states and also embracing the e-governance in public sectors is also not in exception in terms of making sure the effects of ICT integration in public sector management. Hence a lot still need to be done in Namibia also to effectively implement the e-governance in public sector.

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