Facilitating Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, and Innovation in Global Business

Facilitating Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, and Innovation in Global Business

Kijpokin Kasemsap (Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3525-6.ch005


This chapter indicates the overview of entrepreneurship; the overview of corporate entrepreneurship; the overview of internationalization; the overview of innovation; the associations among entrepreneurship, internationalization, and innovation; the importance of entrepreneurship in global business; the importance of internationalization in global business; and the importance of innovation in global business. Entrepreneurship is the important approach to enhancing the innovative procedures with the support of internationalization. Internationalization can help entrepreneurial companies effectively plan and execute the creative products and services in global business. Innovation involves various sophisticated methods and systems toward gaining increased productivity and business growth. The chapter argues that facilitating entrepreneurship, internationalization, and innovation has the potential to increase business performance and reach business goals in global business.
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Entrepreneurship is founded on knowing or seeing something others do not see, and the sales force has long been recognized as an important source of knowledge about a firm’s customers and environment (Javalgi, Hall, & Cavusgil, 2014). Entrepreneurship is an art to gain competitive advantage by utilizing the knowledge and capabilities (Javalgi et al., 2014). Entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation have been increasingly recognized as engines to foster an entrepreneurial culture, driving forward socio-economic development (Kuratko, 2012).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Product: Something made by machine and technology.

Entrepreneurship: The approach that promotes and executes a business venture toward making profit.

Technology: The method used to make individuals comfortable.

Innovation: The advanced procedure, system, and technology.

Internationalization: The practical way of making product in the global marketplace.

Business: The process of buying and selling products and services.

Venture: The enterprise that includes significant risks toward business profit.

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