Factors Influencing Foreign Land Acquisition and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Factors Influencing Foreign Land Acquisition and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Yusuf Noah (University of Ilorin, Nigeria), Olatunji Abdulganiy (University of Ilorin, Nigeria) and Issah Moshood (University of Ilorin, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-7405-9.ch011
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Of the major factors of production, land is considered the most important. Land is such a valuable resources that the desire to acquire it has been a cause of struggle among the people virtually in all hitherto existing human societies. Land acquisition is influenced by numerous factors in which all play relevant roles in understanding the dynamics of land and its utilization among the people in the society. In Africa, foreign land acquisition has become a topical issue because of the richness of the African land resources, and the scamper for these resources has been a source of concern for many observers. This chapter analyzes the factors inhibiting foreign land acquisition in a developing country like Nigeria and examines the challenges posed by such practices to the attainment of sustainable development.
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Conceptual Discussion

In order to make the work more comprehensive, there is the need for conceptual clarification of terms relevant to the chapter.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Acquisition: It literally means to gain possession of something or to establish control over it.

Sustainable: Enduring socio-economic and political transformation without destroying the ecological system.

Foreign: Something from outside a specific jurisdiction; ideas, customs and practices that are alien to a particular territory or society.

Development: Holistic concept used to describe the socio-economic and political transformation in the society.

Land: It is the earth surface including the sea excluding the sky; it is one of the major factors of production.

Culture: It means the total ways of life of the people in a particular society. It is the sum total of man’s possession comprising language, arts, religion, technology and other attributes which are acquired by man in the society and are transmitted from one generation to another.

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