Factors Militating Against the Development of Tiv Indigenous Knowledge

Factors Militating Against the Development of Tiv Indigenous Knowledge

Tim Cuttings Agber (TimeXperts, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0833-5.ch020


The Tiv people right from the time of old possessed a handsome knowledge about their origin, way of life or traditions, science and technology including means of cultivating crops and ways of trapping or killing animals for food, medicinal uses of different plants, methods of making shelters to lay their heads and tactics of making cloths to cover their nakedness among others in a well-defined manner. Essentially, the knowledge the people possessed, which culminated into the Tiv Indigenous Knowledge (TIK) was orally transferred from one descent to another for documentation and continuity. However, the interplay of colonialism, Christian religion and intellectual property laws, constituted factors militating against the development of this crucial indigenous knowledge. This chapter therefore, describes the Tiv indigenous knowledge and the factors militating against it as well as attempt to figure out strategies that could be useful in curtailing these problems.
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Contextual Background

The Tiv People

The Tiv people, wherever they may be found in the world, are people who share a common ancestry or genealogy, language and general cultural values or norms, (Agber, Ugbagir, Mngutyo & Amaakaven, 2014). The Tiv are an important people who number about 7 million in Nigeria and Cameroon. The Tiv are divided into two patrilineal descent lines from the original ancestor Tiv, (Asante, (2009).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Tiv Indigenous Technology: The Tiv systematic way of application of traditional scientific knowledge to solve practical domestic and industrial tasks

Chameleonism: A theory propounded by Tim Cuttings Agber October 10 th 2010, which promulgates the ability to adapt to a given situation favorable or unfavorable, at a given time and in a given way to get a given thing.

Ateiwya: Blacksmith’s workshop or a mechanical workshop where appliances, devices or tools are manufactured.

Tiv Astronomy: Indigenous method of studying the universe, in relation to how the earth, spirit world or other galaxies and the solar galaxies work for the survival of man and in as practiced by the Tiv people of Benue State in Nigeria.

Tiv Tyumbun: Water baptism practice among the Tiv indigenous religion, which is a process of removing bewitchment, foolishness, disorders and certain ailments from people and instilling normalcy and stability for the wellbeing of the individual.

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