A Field Study on the Role of Assistive Learning Technologies

A Field Study on the Role of Assistive Learning Technologies

Claire Khek (Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Services Pte Ltd , Singapore), John Lim (National University of Singapore, Singapore) and Yingqin Zhong (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-525-2.ch010


Assistive Learning Technologies (ALT) have gained increasing research attention for supporting physically-disadvantaged learners to realize their potential in the educational process. This paper reports on a multiple-case study that sought to explore the underlying mechanisms (i.e., the how and why issues) relating to the role of ALT in helping students with special needs to circumvent their disabilities and integrating them into the mainstream schools. It is found that the use of ALT enables the subjects to access the electronic learning environment, as well as improve their time management. The end result is that these students can perform their everyday (learning) tasks on par with their peers in school. The study has also unveiled moderating factors influencing the usage of ALT; examples are the ease of use of ALT, and the subjects’ desire to enhance their academic and social competency.

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