Finding Your Voice: Developing a Content Strategy for Social Media That Works!

Finding Your Voice: Developing a Content Strategy for Social Media That Works!

Karen L. Yacobucci (NYU School of Medicine, USA) and Stephen Maher (NYU School of Medicine, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6287-4.ch005
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This chapter aims to provide an indispensable introduction to content marketing based on industry best-practices and help academic libraries navigate this essential but often overlooked marketing practice. The chapter will begin by addressing some of the consistent challenges organizations have starting their social media marketing campaigns and developing a social media strategy. Next, the chapter will focus on defining the tone and voice of their social media messages. Then, it will discuss sustaining the campaign by curating content and avoiding “content fatigue.” Finally, the authors share an example of how an academic library but them into practice. They are confident this chapter will give academic librarians the vocabulary and techniques they need to talk and walk their way through meaningful and engaging marketing campaigns for their libraries using social media.
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One of the challenges in surveying the implementation of content strategy in academic libraries is a matter of terminology. The term “content strategy” has been attributed to web site governance rather than marketing. Rebecca Blakiston has penned a number of articles on web content strategies for academic libraries whereby content is “curated Web content that promotes, explains, and instructs users about various services and resources” (Blakiston, 2013). And Ilka Datig’s article envisions “content strategy as a holistic tool that encompasses all library outreach platforms, including websites, social media, and other digital and print materials” (Datig, 2018). Combining web content with marketing is perhaps unavoidable as social media has become more pervasive but, as Darlene Fichter and Jeff Wisniewski assert in their article,

The world of content has changed. Regardless of the specific platforms, tools, or technologies, libraries need to strategically create and deliver content in ways that are efficient, effective, sustainable, and engaging. (Fichter & Wisniewski, 2014)

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