G-NO-TECS: Generic Non-Technical Skills in Healthcare

G-NO-TECS: Generic Non-Technical Skills in Healthcare

Deborah J. Rosenorn-Lanng
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4546-2.ch003
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This chapter examines the concept of non-technical skills and how deficiencies in this arena can result in medical error.
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  • Leadership skills (including approachability of leader)

  • Followership skills (including assertiveness of followers)

  • Team building and maintaining (including hierarchy management)

    • o

      Clear and appropriate role allocation

    • o

      Consideration and support of others

  • Conflict solving

If we begin with the team themselves, when looking at outcomes, a lot of focus has been traditionally placed on the role of the leader. However, recently people have become more aware that within a team there are more followers than leaders; a search has begun for what qualities may be beneficial in a great follower. Hierarchy has contributed to a large number of clinical errors(“Bromiley Report verdict and corrected timeline,”). Errors occur when the hierarchy is too steep and the followers feel unable to challenge the leader when they are making a mistake (Hofstede, 2010). Another issue with hierarchy occurs when there is a flat hierarchy and so no obvious leader emerges simply through rank difference(“Bromiley Report verdict and corrected timeline,”). Unless a conversation takes place about role allocation including who will lead, further problems will arise. These problems include: lack of task allocation which may result in omission or duplication of tasks, lack of direction, lack of decision making, lack of a diagnosis and inadequate situational awareness.

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