Gamers as Homeopathic Media Therapy: Electromagnetic Antibodies in the Toxic Media Field

Gamers as Homeopathic Media Therapy: Electromagnetic Antibodies in the Toxic Media Field

Stephen Brock Schafer
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8884-0.ch019
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Mainstream Western medical theory is based on treating the symptoms of disease—a dynamic derisively called “bandage treatment.” This medical perspective is the inverse of homeopathic theory, which aims to treat the quantum level cause of disease. Because homeopathy addresses the quantum “first cause” of disease, it establishes precedents for understanding Divine “First Cause.” Homeopathic theory and practice are based on recognizing symptomatic syndromes—a process very similar to Carl Jung's practice of inducing healing with a patient's insight as to the meaning of dream symbolism. This meaningful insight functions like the EM signature of a homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic physician augments “remediation” of phenotypes from quantum dimensions in the same way that a Jungian psychiatrist augments (amplifies) a patient's self-healing insight. The homeopathic/Jungian dynamic works something like antibodies that neutralize antigens, so—in a virtual EM unified media-field—contextual gamers can serve the function of antibodies against mediated toxicity.
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At the beginning of an electromagnetic (EM) media age of toxic delusion, the practice of addressing the first cause of an EM induced syndrome can heal the media-field and the dreamlike cultural psychosis it projects. Even more important than what Carl Jung calls “meaningful insight” is that—within the unified field of physics—the quantum-level “first cause” of anything is fractally linked by “metaphorical correspondence” to Aristotelian First Cause and its Divine Intention. “As above, so below” is the Gnostic/alchemical metaphor for contemplation of both the fractal EM cosmos of physics and the EM universe of the media-field. This same dynamic is embedded in the homeopathic doctrine “like cures like”, which can be defined in terms of EM resonant complexes--EM resonant signatures. Homeopathy employs nano-proportions of “poisons”—remedies that cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure these same syndromes in sick persons—to neutralize symptoms of sickness. The dynamic “Like cures like” allows “gamers” to function as antibodies in the toxic media-field.

If causes of dis-ease are understood as “warnings”, bandaging the warnings is counter-productive. The study off symptomology characterizes both mainstream medicine and homeopathy. However, their reasons are diametrically opposed. Mainstream medical practice strives at all cost to remove the symptoms that are judged as sickness (thereby ignoring the warnings), while homeopathic practice strives to heed the warnings by discovering the sources of symptom complexes. Rather than limiting syndromes to names like COVID19 or cancer, Homeopathic practitioners think in open-ended terms of symptom complexes. The former methodology is dead-ended, while the latter has potentially infinite therapeutic scope consistent with the scope of the quantum unified field of cosmos. The former methodology may be seen as the inadequate “bandage” of masking-distancing-authoritarian practices to address viral pandemics that have an infinite array of derivatives but only limited understanding of their causes. Methodological differences have far-reaching effect because removing only the symptoms obviously does not remove the cause, so the symptoms recur in different forms.

The media-field can be understood as a Jungian dream-window—a warning or prophesy—into the cultural unconscious where First Cause EM complexes reside. Because homeopathic principle is embedded in Jungian therapy, the two healing dynamics can be synchronized in-order to heal the media-field by generating algorithmic antibodies against mediated disharmony. Dramatic personification (Jungian contextuality) provides the homeopathic key for creating antibodies against disharmony within the scope of cosmic “First Cause premise”1 as it is projected in the quantum media-field. Homeopathic dynamics for addressing contextual EM disharmony with quantum “signatures”—remedies based on likes cure likes—are uniquely qualified to harmonize the many fractal scales of cosmic sentience that exist in the media-field as EM activity. Because coherence can now be measured in terms of EM wave functions, frequency patterns can be converted into remedies to address the infinite existential disharmony of the media-field using neural-based network algorithms for backpropagation. This entire field of Psychecology may be referenced with the words, preternatural” and “paranormal”.2

Coherence has different meanings in different fields, but in this chapter coherence refers to harmonic unity at different scales of universal fractally structured “sentience”. Coherent states-of-being can be achieved with a process of “entrainment” that is identical to the Jungian process he called “compensation”. Incorporating these parameters into the source code for Psychecology video games (PEGs) is equivalent to applying homeopathic remedies (electromagnetic signatures) for the “functional” healing of patients. Moreover, the healing process is identical to the “learning” process. The success of both processes depends upon what Jung called “meaningful insight”, so the terms “patient” and “learner” are essentially synonymous.3

Key Terms in this Chapter

Embodied Transduction: Embodiment includes everything known in modern medical applications about atomic, molecular, cellular, organic, systemic, genetic, and psychic dynamics. Transduction may be understood in terms of correlations that exist among these many degrees of “sentient” life. However, this chapter extends the concept to its correlated EM embedded purpose. In other words, it correlates Divine First Cause Intention with human purpose and intention.

Coherent Entrainment: Coherent Entrainment is both a state of being (coherence) and a process (entrainment) for maintaining interactive systemic harmony among systemic EM fields. Homeopathic healing dynamics can be understood in terms of “coherent entrainment”. “In complex globally coherent systems, such as human beings, there is an incredible amount of activity at every level of magnification or scale that spans more than two-thirds of the 73 known octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum” (McCraty & Childre, 2010, p. 11; Ho, 2005a-b). Because the Institute of Heartmath has developed a technology for measuring heart-rate-coherence, Fluid coherent-states-of-being can now be measured in terms of EM “wave functions”. Frequency patterns can be converted into homeopathic remedies and applied to contextual media domains which are based on the selfsame wave functions. Remedies embedded in Psych ecology video games (PEGs), asymmetrical mathematics, and the Solfeggio musical key can provide “remedies” to address the infinite existential disharmony of the media-field. PEGs can be addressed to healing the media-field by generating coherent antibodies that have almost spontaneous effect against mediated disharmony. Dramatic “personification” (Jungian contextuality) provides the homeopathic key for creating antibodies against disharmony within the scope of cosmic “First Cause premise” as it is projected in the quantum media-field. Homeopathic dynamics for addressing contextual EM disharmony with quantum “signatures”—remedies based on “likes cure likes”—are uniquely qualified to harmonize the many fractal scales of cosmic sentience that exist in the media-field as EM activity. Moreover, homeopathic remedies can be understood in terms of “First Cause Evolutionary Intention” which may be stipulated as harmonious life-support.

Preternatural: In this book, the terms paranormal and preternatural are synonymous. The so-called preternatural is that which appears outside or beside the natural. It is “suspended between the mundane and the miraculous”. In theology, the term is often used to distinguish marvels or deceptive trickery, often attributed to witchcraft or demons, from the purely divine power of the genuinely supernatural to violate the laws of nature. (Preternatural, n.d.) What is the “genuine supernatural”? In-order to answer the question, our use of the term includes both the Divine supernatural and demonic possession as EM “bandwidths”. In other words, the term applies to quantum phenomena that are not generally understood with human perception or the archaic sciences upon which perception was based. In the current context of EM resonant reality, the so-called preternatural can be understood as occurring in different bandwidths than are normally understood with human sensory perceptions. Preternatural phenomena can be perceived as “positive”, “negative”, or entangled. The very nature of limited human sentience prevents understanding or discernment of which is which.

Heart Coherence: Increased heart coherence (measured as HRV, heart-rate variability, or PPG, photoplethysmography) increases systemic harmony and “entrainment” of human psychological-biological systems. As an expanded definition, the term coherence is used to represent the degree of synchronization between coupling oscillating systems, which can lead to these systems (operating at the same basic frequency) becoming phase or frequency locked (Strogatz & Stew-art, 2020/1993). This cross-coherence, which is similar to what occurs among photons in a laser, is what scientists think of as coherence. Carrying this over to physiology, McCraty & Childre (2010, p. 2) say that cross-coherence occurs “when two or more of the body’s oscillatory systems, such as respiration and heart rhythms, become entrained and operate at the same frequency.” Heart Coherence is related to the physics of what allows a maximum number of different harmonics to exist 'non-destructively in a single oscillator. Vitality can be related to the amplitude, quality and shape (harmonic inclusiveness, relationship/interaction) of all the waves which are inside our body. This “ harmonic inclusiveness”— functionally equal to fractality—in the heart (and HRV or PPG) directly indicates immune health and longevity. This means the multi-tonal heart is healthy. Particularly when we realize golden ratio allows the highest number of harmonics to be present at once—constructively, and quite literally, making the fractal / perfect compression in the heart (Cipra, 2003).

Contextual: When used by Carl Jung, contextuality refers to the entire EM “functional Psyche” of a patient—knowledge of which is essential to the development of a psychiatrist’s empathy with a patient. The classic four human functions symbolized with the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire have been translated by Jung into the functions of Perception (flesh), Emotion, Mind, and Intuition (aether). In other words, Jungian context includes everything that is knowable in a unified field “context” about a patient or a student.

Sentient: Numerous modern scientific fields have now explicitly or implicitly accepted the concept of “sentience” that have been verified as “intelligence” among the infinite scales of fractal universal EM “awareness”. (Schafer, 2019) One of the most researched scientific fields is Epigenetics which is an extension of the concept that the genetic DNA model is sentient at quantum-molecular scales. In Biology of Belief , Bruce Lipton (2005) discusses the intelligent behavior of cells in the membranes of the gut and in Molecules of Emotion , Candace Pert (1997) discusses how chemical “sentience” of thought and emotion effects health and forms a dynamic information network. In another direction, research has long-since established the validity of “group sentience” with efforts to define target groups for advertising purposes, propaganda, and political advertising. “The mathematician, Rastko Vukovic, explains that the founder of information theory, Claude Shannon, defined information in association with entropy (Vukovic, 2017). Shannon’s information cannot interact with the electromagnetic environment in order to obtain Louis Pasteur’s asymmetric electromagnetic living dot first-cause obeying first order principles. Vulovic’s mathematical papers also include physics interacting with aspects of social evolution as is presented in his paper entitled Information of Perception - Freedom, Democracy and Physics (Vukovic, 2016). His research appears to be intimately associated with the further development of Plato’s ethical mathematical message previously hidden within plane geometry” (Pope, 2019, p. 4).

Sentient Bandwidths: This term is used to evoke an archetypal EM Psych ecology that has cybernetic reference. The basic idea is that the fractal universe of physics is correlated to the fractal-layered structure of Gnosticism. Sentient bandwidths are intelligent in the same way that EM bandwidths are self-aware and have their own agency, i.e., they exist as a range of frequencies and communicate within that range. This concept of dimensional intelligence may be correlated with the elemental frequencies of alchemy (Hall, 2003, pp. 328-342).

Electromagnetic Thought Forms: There are scientists who consider that Platonic thought-forms are electromagnetically responsible for the evolution of consciousness within a living infinite fractal holographic universe. The late science advisor to the Belgrade Institute of Physics, Petar Grujic, in his book The Concept of Fractal Universe Anaxagoras (Grujic, 2001) explains that ancient Greek science was conversant with infinite fractal mathematics. In his book Anaxagoras on Mind (Baloyannis, 2018) the neurological medical scientist, Staros Baloyannis, considers that Anaxagoras’ work “is a now a significant milestone in the field Neurophilosophy” (Pope, 2019).

Solfeggio Tones: Were introduced by Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz in the seventies, and were inspired by history. For example, the name of these tones finds their roots in the eleventh century, when music theorist Guido of Arezzo developed a six-note ascending scale: ut, re, mi, fa, sol, and la. The seventh note, si , came a little later. These names are still in use today in musical notation. They have precise frequency associations, octave by octave, which are derived from a particular musical temperament. The frequencies that were associated by Puleo and Horowitz are different: they were generated from the Bible's Book of Numbers, using a Pythagorean reduction algorithm based on our decimal number representation. People experience healing effects from these tones. (Mowry, n.d.)

Electromagnetism: EM is not limited to Spin-1 force fields (responsible for light, heat, and chemical transformations). EM is correlated with Spin-2 (space), Spin-3/2 (air), Spin-1/2 (water), and Spin-0 (earth) (Sharma & Clark, 1998, pp. 38-39). Therefore, the so-called differentiated spin types that define Gravity, Gauge, and Matter are actually integrated. It is as yet unknown whether so-called noumenal dimensions consist of archetypal EM-like patterns, but the probability is becoming increasingly evident as quantum science evolves. For the purposes of our paper, the research on EM and quantum field theory (QFT) is more than sufficient to assert, interpolate, and extrapolate the hypothesis of the “premise”.

First Cause: In philosophy, refers to the self-created being ( i.e. , God) to which every chain of causes must ultimately go back. The term was used by Greek thinkers and became an underlying assumption in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Many philosophers and theologians in this tradition have formulated an argument for the existence of God by claiming that the world that man observes with his senses must have been brought into being by God as the first cause. The classic Christian formulation of this argument came from the medieval theologian St. Thomas Aquinas, who was influenced by the thought of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. Aquinas argued that the observable order of causation is not self-explanatory. It can only be accounted for by the existence of a first cause; this first cause, however, must not be considered simply as the first in a series of continuing causes, but rather as first cause in the sense of being the cause for the whole series of observable causes (First Cause, n.d.)

Sentient Computer Chips: The linkpins of Artificial Intelligence to the human brain. Three examples: 1. Computer chips that think like us. (BBC Future, n.d.). Computing has developed at an amazing pace over the last few decades, but even today’s computers are essentially glorified calculators, says Dr. Dharmendra Modha. The founder of IBM’s Cognitive Computing Group wants to change that. He wants our computers to think more like humans. Modha and his team are designing a cognitive computing chip and software ecosystem inspired by the human brain. It would consume far less power and space than today’s computers and could power everything from search and rescue robots in hazardous environments to intelligent buoys which float on ocean waves, predicting tsunamis or warning of oil pollution. 2. How Yahoo Research Labs studies culture as a formal computational concept . (Aiello, 2014). The study of online social networks has revolutionized the way social scientists understand human interaction on a grand scale. It is based on the assumption that the fundamental unit of interaction is the social tie that exists between two individuals. This tie can be a message that one person has sent to another, that one person follows another, that one person “likes” another and so on. These social ties are the atoms of social network structure. And much of the research on social networks has focused on how these atoms join together to create complex networks of interaction. Much less thought has been given to the atoms themselves, whether they fall into categories themselves, whether different atoms have different social properties and how combining atoms of different types might be indicative of entirely different relationships. 3. Has Black Mirror predicted the future of video games: (Stuart, 2016). “The idea of a video game that can analyze a player’s personality and change accordingly may seem like the stuff of outlandish sci-fi to some Black Mirror viewers. But it isn’t. This evolution could well be where game design is heading. At key points throughout the terrifying narrative, the game provided a questionnaire inspired by the ‘Big Five’ personality test, a method used by academic psychologists for personality research. Players would be asked things like: Are you a private person? Do you always listen to other people’s feelings? In this way it was building a psychological profile of the player. At the same time, the system was also drawing data from how players interacted with the game world: how long they spent exploring each area before moving on; whether they strayed from clearly marked paths; whether they faced non-player characters while they talked. Every action had an effect on the narrative.”

Media-Field (Media-Sphere): Like the Metaverse, the media-field is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, television, information and communication technologies (ICTs), video games, and the internet.

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