Gaming Cultural Atonement: Healing Collective Personae With Mediated Biofeedback

Gaming Cultural Atonement: Healing Collective Personae With Mediated Biofeedback

Stephen Brock Schafer (Pacific Rim Enterprises, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9065-1.ch012


According to theological precedents and science—just as sub-human sentient scales exist—so must super-human scales of sentience exist in a quantum field structured as fractal geometry. If the human organism is multi-functionally “conscious,” so is the quantum field in which it is embedded. Just as differences exist among the frequencies of light, differences exist in harmonic scales of the universal frequency spectrum. The loosely defined term “consciousness” is too limited to express the cosmic range of “sentient” access to frequencies. Though humans have unique choice-making agency, theological-philosophical and experiential precedents which place limits on its coherence. With their emphasis on coherent choice-making, PSYCHecology video games (PEGs) could be designed as “dreamlike” analogs to harmonize functional agency. According to Jungian principles, these dream analogs could be employed to reinforce coherent humanitarian sentience with mediated biofeedback for the purpose of healing the collective unconscious.
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The primary issue at hand is whether collective humanity will take responsibility for the choices they make before they fulfill the current suicidal course of their agency. Only if humans—as planetary stewards—choose to take responsibility for all sub-human sentient lives, will they fulfill their evolutionary responsibility. However, achieving cooperative humanly responsible choices will require a prodigious struggle. For this reason, this chapter is addressed primarily to those having “humanitarian” values. This is because a consensus already exists among humanitarians as to the benign morality that should govern planetary life. It may be asserted that this humanitarian organism nearly constitutes a critical mass of responsible tendencies. Within a quantum field of mediated energy and information, today the mystical significance of prayer and the deep esoteric significance of moral laws can be understood from a scientific perspective on such realities as the sentient impacts of light, sound, thought, and feeling at a distance. This hypothesis of practical respect for universal sentience can then be applied to research on artificial intelligence, robotics, the media, and the karmic resonances of these force fields over time.

Most important, according to both mystic and scientific ontology, maintenance of direct contact between humanitarians and super-human dimensions of sentience could now become stipulated fact. Given the existing critical mass of humanitarian sentient qualities, mediated biofeedback projected from the collective unconscious into the mediated “contextual dreamscape” could be employed as a tool for harmonizing the irascible tendencies of the human collective and synchronizing with higher-order “intelligence”. The purpose of maintaining coherent states of being between the human organism and the super-human Hierarchy of sentient bandwidths is to better understand collective human responsibility. Of course, this will not be easy, nor will it happen overnight.

However, as many instances of things “going viral” on the Internet demonstrate, the time is ripe for humanitarian sentience to use the superconductive character of the global media to alter chaotic patterns of the collective unconscious and to replace them with harmonious patterns. Managing complete agreement among infinitely different value patterns is not necessary, nor is the creation of global bureaucracies. The simple amplification of a good idea through social media can have a salutary but ephemeral impact on the healing energies of the geosphere, (McCraty, Atkinson, Stolc, Alabdulgader, Vainoras & Ragulskis, 2017) but a more comprehensive effort by global humanitarian organizations working cooperatively could have emphatic and long-term effect (Schafer, 2018; Schafer, 2017a; Schafer, 2017b; Schafer, 2012a; Schafer, 2012b).

In an emergent world of crisis and “wonders” where blatant lies become real and the destiny of nations can be determined by covert psychological hacking of the media, it is not idealistic to suggest that synergy with the human soul can be achieved with the use of a coherent media. This question has been further argued and defined in the above publications. Making sense of the strategy requires some knowledge of physics (quantum field theory), psychology (neurobiology, neurolingusitics, cognitive framing), mathematics (Fourier transforms and fractal geometry), myth (the universal Hero’s Journey), coherence, media science, linguistics, and principles of Jungian dream analysis in order to synchronize specific elements into the practical strategy for gaming cultural coherence.

Hypothetically, propagation of fields according to quantum field theory (QFT) can be correlated with cognitive neurobiological dynamics at many scales in-order to better understand and establish the scientific basis for universal “sentience.” Robust research on quantum neurobiology (genetic & cognitive framing dynamics), cell membrane research (signal transduction) sentience in plants and animals, the sentience of water, autonomous robots, sentience in artificial intelligence and robots, and the super-human sentience of planets (astrology) and other super-human fields is both ancient and current. Yet the primary significance of sentience is being ignored—not as-a consequence of scientific discipline but as a result of prejudice.

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