Generic Control Phase for Project Risk Management

Generic Control Phase for Project Risk Management

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This chapter elaborates a generic tactic for the DMAIC Control phase for Project Control. This is required because the projects presented in the book are not implemented, so there are no data available for analysis. Also, the generic Project Control phase reuses the associated scenario elaborated in Ch. 6. Moreover, the Project Control phase is applicable to the applications of the method in Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 6 and Chapter 7, which is appropriately referenced in the respective individual chapters. Finally, by elaborating the Project Control phase in a dedicated chapter, avoids repetitions in the book.
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Project Control

Project’s Data (DMAIC Control – Define)

We reuse the project management scenario in Chapter 6.

There are 10 activities in the generic project. The data considered in the elaboration include: a) Activity; b) Prior Activity; c) Activity Time Elements (calculated); d) Estimated Duration (Time Units); and e) Standard Deviation. The data are presented in Table 1.

Important Note: To emulate the scenario of an implemented project, we assume that the Activity 1 has been completed in the planed 12 Time Units. Therefore, we are positioned at the start of Time Unit 13 presented as T2 in network diagram on Figure 1.

Table 1.
The data of the project’s 10 activities
Activity Id and DescriptionPrior ActivityEstimated Duration (Time Units)Standard Deviation
Activity 1N/AN/AN/A
Activity 2None90.2045
Activity 32130.2955
Activity 4None40.1636
Activity 54180.7364
Activity 63, 540.0909
Activity 7450.1136
Activity 8None30.0682
Activity 97, 890.2045
Activity 106, 960.1364

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