Global Marketing Strategy in Digital Era: Global Online Presence

Global Marketing Strategy in Digital Era: Global Online Presence

Bijal N. Zaveri (Parul University, India) and Prashant D. Amin (Parul University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6980-0.ch006
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The basic marketing strategies have been widely applied for a longtime, whereby people had to rely on the traditional way of exercising it, until the digital era come in to revolutionize marketing practices all over the world. The current innovation and use of digital technology have initiated global marketing strategies and practices and assured a global online presence for efficient users. Nowadays, the use of digital technology has made each and every marketing process easy, costless and efficient by making the digital tools widely available and affordable for many people, but also by providing the most essential piece of incredible technology, “the internet.” With the use of internet and digital tools, it has become so easy to globally communicate, market, purchase, and transact in a matter of fractions of seconds. Internet is being widely used in marketing to reach the global potential customers, and for this to happen, all marketing principles had to be adjusted and applied for greater results in this modern digital environment.
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Brief About Marketing And Internet Marketing

Nowadays, marketing is very essential for each and every business that wishes to succeed. Its strategies create an opportunity of acquiring, growing, retaining customers by providing to them a superior value.

John Burnett in his book called Core Concept of Marketing defines marketing as “the process that involves the planning and execution of strategies consisting of conception, pricing, and distribution of products, services and ideas to create exchanges that are meant to satisfy customers and organizational needs, wants and objectives” (Burnett, 2008).

Dr. Phillip Kotler defines marketing as “the art and science of identifying, creating and delivering customer value and to satisfy the customers’ needs and wants” (Kotler, 2008).

Companies have to figure out a way of finding, attracting and keeping customers of their respective products and services by promising them that what they are buying will satisfy and meet their needs and wants. With many competing brands and substitute products available, the competitive advantage is an ideal situation but less likely to happen. Therefore, the company that offers the best to the customers will have a bigger market share.

It is no longer about production or selling orientation whereby companies had to make products to be sold to the masses with relatively few options to choose from. Nowadays, a customer has a choice of choosing from a wide range of products and services, from a brand that best fit with his requirements. Everything has changed with the internet becoming widely used and proving to be efficient. Fueled by tremendous changes and innovation in digital technology, internet marketing has been focused on in business especially in Marketing so that the companies can reach global audiences for their products and services.

According to the Internet Marketing Academy, this growth implies that both the companies and consumers are compelled to adapt to it, but for the companies, it meant a global competition, whereby it is no longer limited to geographical boundaries, and more information and substitute products to choose from on the consumers side (The Internet Marketing Academy, 2011). The consumer’s choices are no longer limited to the local stores, where they had to physically visit stores, and chose from the available products. Nowadays, consumers can choose different products from different suppliers locally, nationwide and even global anytime, anywhere.

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