From Global to Universal-Complementary Civilization

From Global to Universal-Complementary Civilization

Andrew Targowski (Haworth College of Business, USA)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 36
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-004-2.ch007


The purpose of this chapter is to define processes triggering the emergence of global civilization at the beginning of the 21st century. In addition, a proof is provided that the fourth wave of globalization leads towards the emergence of global civilization as one of facets of world civilization, including a proposal of the direction in which one must lead the further development of world civilization. The further purpose of this section is to define the sources of crisis affecting civilization and to define a solution by developing the concept of universal-complementary civilization. The study is based on the critical theory of civilization, which not only analyzes “how it is” but also provides some solutions “how it should be.” A graphic modeling of civilizations will be applied to move from scenario-driven considerations to system-driven synthesis of components and their relationships. First to be analyzed will be symptoms of the civilization crisis in general. Later, the question is posed: Can Western and global civilizations solve this crisis? Eventually a new solution is offered under the term “universal- complementary civilization,” as a foundation for all kinds of particular and common (global) civilizations. The life cycle of this new civilization is defined and the strategy how to begin its implementation will be suggested.

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