Globalization in the Ottoman Empire: An Evaluation Through the Naval Institutions and International Trade Policies

Globalization in the Ottoman Empire: An Evaluation Through the Naval Institutions and International Trade Policies

Büşra Karataşer (Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Turkey)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9566-3.ch008


The purpose of this chapter is to examine how globalization has played a decisive role in the Ottoman Empire and how it created reform through international trade policies and institutions. The first part will examine the concept of globalization and the integration of the Ottoman Empire into the West, the fundamentals of the Ottomanmentality and the effects of globalization on the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. The second part will examine how globalization played a decisive role in the Ottoman Empire, the 19th century Ottoman economy, Ottoman international trade, and Ottoman external loans. The third part examines the institutionalization and modernization of the Ottoman Empire, reforms in naval affairs during the reign of Abdul Hamid II, and the organization of the navy. The fourth part will examine the institutional relations in the Ottoman Empire after globalization. Institutions will be examined in terms of how they were restructured or how new ones were created to adapt to a new world order.
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Main Focus Of The Chapter

The aim of this section is to explain how the Ottoman Empire perceived globalization after the First Wave of Globalization and how it changed its institutions. The Ottoman Navy was modernized by taking the leading countries in the world as models and this situation revived the Ottoman economy. This section aims to explain the Ottoman Empire's adjustments in international trade policies, its position regarding debt, the meaning of the Ottoman Empire's borrowing according to the European governments and how the Empire continued to function through modernizing its institutions after globalization.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Modernization: The adaptation of the Ottoman Empire to the industrialization process which started in the western countries.

Ottoman Navy Organization: It was the 19th century Ottoman naval organization. In the Ottoman Empire, it was an important area in which experts were brought from Europe in terms of ship, worker and expert to achieve optimization.

The Period of Abdulhamid II: It was the years of 1876-1908, when the Ottoman Empire became modernized and institutionalized.

Fiscalism: One of the fundamentals of the mentality of the Ottoman Empire.

Globalization: The process of industrialization which is defined as the First Globalization.

External Borrowing in the Ottoman Empire: It was an effort to finance the poor economic conditions of the Ottoman Empire due to the loss of land.

Institutionalization: The attempt to modernize the institutions of the Ottoman Empire in order to achieve industrialization.

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