Globalization Phenomenon and Cruising of Multinational Companies Under Global Market Conditions

Globalization Phenomenon and Cruising of Multinational Companies Under Global Market Conditions

Fulya Kıvılcım
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2559-3.ch009
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This chapter clarifies the definition of the phenomenon of globalization, historical development, the rapid and radical change that has taken place in the world. In the context of globalization, and in developing global market conditions, the author examines the course of Multinational Corporations in the globalization process; to emphasize the company structure models they own, competition, strategic management, and decision-making policies they follow, and primarily based on the importance they place on the structure of innovative thinking.
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Main issue regarding the concept of globalization is the capability of local decisions to go beyond political borders to reach other nations and have the power to affect them.

Taken into consideration particularly the last 30 years of process; the world has felt the magnitude of globalization on every level and according to the conditions that are created by the present era, will keep on feeling in the approaching years with an even higher effect.

In this manner; study will consist of three main parts, a definition of globalization will be elaborated, a brief historical development process will be included, then with an evaluation of its levels, actors of globalization process and effects of actors on the process will be verbalized with reference to multinational corporations. In the second section of the work, mentioning the definition of multinational corporation, its historical development and technological models, the main target of this work, the interaction between globalization and multinational corporations and especially the power of manipulation of multinational corporations in the process will be approached.

Multinational corporations’ role in the process of globalization and the interaction between them will be tried to be evaluated on the perspective of technology transfer model that had been internalized by multinational corporations to expound the interaction between globalization in developing market conditions and multinational corporations.

Key Terms in this Chapter

GNP: Gross National Product.

NGO: Non-governmental organization.

UNCTAD: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

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