Governing the Service-Driven Environment: Tools and Techniques

Governing the Service-Driven Environment: Tools and Techniques

Leo Shuster (Nationwide Insurance, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4193-8.ch009


The purpose of this chapter is to discuss tools, technologies, and practices employed to govern the service lifecycle in a Service-driven environment. Aside from defining the complete service lifecycle, the discussion will concentrate on specific approaches to governing each stage in the lifecycle and best practices associated with it. SOA governance methodology will be covered in great detail. The topics discussed will include SOA Governance program structure, methodology, processes, funding, value demonstration, and adoption levers. These governance mechanisms will be aligned with each stage in the service lifecycle, and appropriate applications will be identified accordingly. Current and future state of governance tools and technologies will be explored. Some examples of existing tools will be provided to highlight and support the assertions made throughout the chapter. Connection between stages in the service lifecycle and the governance tools and technologies will be identified and best practices explored.
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Imagine driving down an unpaved road at 60 miles per hour without road signs, traffic lights, markers, or guardrails to help you determine where you are going. How quickly would you end up in a ditch? That depends on many things – how good your driving skills are, how tough is the road, how well lit it is, etc. However, it is plainly evident that avoiding a ditch is virtually impossible in this situation.

The example highlights an important reality. No project or program that embarks on a journey through an unchartered territory can survive without a roadmap and a paved road with clearly marked signs, exits, and guardrails. This is especially significant for a program utilizing Service-driven architectural approaches. It can easily disintegrate without a well defined governance mechanism. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Governance is as necessary for the Service-driven approach to survive as the air is for people. Without it, any Service-driven initiative will quickly become “Just a Bunch of Services,” a collection of loosely organized, unmanaged, and unaccounted services, scattered throughout the enterprise.

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