Gravitational Influence on Atomic Interference

Gravitational Influence on Atomic Interference

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Two-level atomic systems are studied under gravitation influence and then employed in sequential pulse towards modeling the Kasevich-Chu interferometer with matter waves.
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9.2. Atomic Interferometer With Gravitational Field

We reestablish the route presented: consider an interferometer Atomic - three levels denoted and ( - intermediate state) subjected to a sequential pulse Raman-Rabi-Ramsey.

Total Hamiltonian will have the operational form (Lämmerzahl 1994, 1996; Lämmerzahl & Bordé 1995):

(9.1)-impulse operators, position; - the energy of the level for the Atomic system; - dipole operator; - electric field; - dipole-external field interaction; - Newtonian potential.

We will develop the second order Newtonian potential


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